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Hey, guys! I decided to start the wolf pack all over sense we have been inactive from the start. Let's all start over and make this wolf pack active again and get more people. Let's try to get more than 20 members in the wolf pack! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

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Join in this awesome empire! It’s fun! Help us get to 75 members!

Hey guys. It's been awhile anyone up for an RP?

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I made a new community, you should check it out. :D

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Wow this place is reallly inactive. Stupid question: do you guys think i should start it up again or at least try?
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Sounds p good
Nah don't bother

Hi! It's Nina! I just want you to know that I'm still making the ranks and it will take a while. Also that I know that the wolf pack is it responding and to make the wolf pack a great wolf pack, please invite your friends. When I mean friends, I mean all of your friends! It would make fang happy! If you have any questions, please ask me or Diamond Davis. Thank you for joining the wolf pack and AROOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Hi! It's Nina! I will be giving the ranks soon! If you really looking forward on the rank you wanted, you can ask me! If you have any questions or concerns, please ask either me or Diamond Davis! Thank you for joining the wolf packs!

Name ~ Kim Alepitt

Age ~ (dog years) 2-3 (you will never know)

Gender ~ Female

Lives in ~ Jagad Ice Mountains

Crush/Mate ~ None

Pups ~ None

Personality ~ Very Mysterious, people really don't know her

Likes ~ Complete absolute silence

Dislikes ~ Annoying people

Pack ~ BK (Elite/Personal)

Bio ~ Unknown
(Art creater not named. F for F8TE )

Dira enters into the pack territory. She's not sure what to expect, so she walks through the trees cautiously.
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