Hi guys! I created a chat app but the only feature is a global chat where user send and receive messages from all the other users's app... Is there a method for create a private chat with a list of users in app ?

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How to use app inventor offline.

Hey guys i need to add a back arrow Unicode characters in button as backspacing one, how can i do that and what code block i should use?

Hello every one

I need to create app (Student union )
How to do that ?

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sorry but i am in compitition to create an app and i don't know how i can create it can u give me tips


I'm making apk with app inventor
I don't know how can I use listview with select (spreadsheet).
When I call select, I take data, similar as:

I would like same as this, listview, I press and:
48 Bizcaia
32 Cantabria
20 Gipuzkoa


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Hi all, I've received from Google a warning email for policy violation of my app GraceClock (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_xodead.GraceClock)
published in the play store. The app violates the User Data policy regarding Personal and Sensitive Information.

It is strange to me because my app should not require any access to private informations. I have only few components like canvas and some clocks (see image below).
I have tried to reload a new apk and actually there are some authorizations required by the app as following:


I don't know the reason why this app requires access to WiFi state, or to read/write to external storage; it is just a clock simulator running Counterclockwise.
Any ideas?
Is it possible that App Inventor introduces some extra access to private data, by default?

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new tutorial! Mario running game for app inventor

hello all Engineers

i saw dictionary that create by app inventor may be named "parfield dictionary :

Created by Egyptian's company
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