Is the Appinventor Support Multicast socket?

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how to do save text in textbox how am ı do example I close the app after and ı open the app and ı see to disappear text

Hola alguna guía para aprender app inventor soy nuevo y me interesa muchísimo

quiero que los datos de mis base se envien directamente a una hoja de calculo de google

How can i get location without having GPS turned on? I want to get an estimated location(city for example) using only internet/network

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Saludo, alguien me puede ayudar a mover dos listview en paralelo al mismo tiempo

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Serum: An interactive novel

This is my first app, and it is something I have been working on for a while, in between writing my novels. I wanted to create something people could use to enjoy some of my writing in a different way, and I am quite happy with the result. It has been a massive learning experience, and I have enjoyed problem solving my way through the entire process.

Completely free to play – No ads, no in app purchases. Serum is a text-based interactive science fiction novel, set in L.B.Speller’s Human Jurisdiction Universe. Requiring no knowledge of of the novels, Serum is a great introduction to the Human Jurisdiction for new readers, or a fascinating expansion for existing fans.

Over 75,000 words in length, with 47 possible endings, there are many different stories to tell – some only a couple of choices in length, others far longer. Simply read the text given and select how to proceed from the options provided
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