Remember to go see your advisor to get your holds off your accounts, so you can sign up for classes for next semester!

Hey guys there is a Microsoft meet and greet tonight at 6 pm in Featheringill hall 110 with free pizza. You guys should all come!

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Hey V2 Mentees! Because you guys are on the Google+ page you guys get the special information! Just received these business cards from Google for Vanderbilt Tech Students interested in Google opportunities. If you want one let me know! I'll be in Featheringill hall for most of the day tomorrow after 11 am. Also go to the game tonight! #AnchorDown #GSAUSA

Hey guys! Hope you all made it to the organization fair on Friday! If you didn't get a chance to go or didn't make it to the VandyMobile / VandyApps, a student organization based on programming a variety of apps, booth, feel free to let me know, and I can put you on the listserv for the organization. VandyMobile / VandyApps is a great organization to get involved in because most members are CS and CE majors! This means you get to meet more upperclassmen who have been in your shoes and can help with classes, internships, etc. It also looks great on a resume to have outside the classroom experience (Microsoft, who is the big recruiter here for CS and CE majors, knows about VandyMobile / VandyApps and likes to see outside experience). Even if you aren't that involved with the group this year, it is still great to go to some of the meetings to meet upperclassmen in your department!

Lol...Google +....

Feel free to ask anything!
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