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Hi. Welcome to this community I created specifically for Birthday polls. Here, as you can tell by the name, we share and talk about our birthdays. But wait, there's more. When someone's birthday comes up, we give them attention so if it's your birthday just say so.

+Fem!Gerard Way​​​​
+Christopher Robinson​​​​
+Bandom-Phandom Jess​​​
+Link Newly incarnated​​​

-DON'T spread hate or negativity (i.e. Respect peoples' opinions, don't make hate posts, try to say nice things about one another)

-Have fun

-Don't share your location

-And last but not least, don't post anything unrelated to this community.

I hope you have a good time here and I hope you find your twin. See ya for now. Bye! 

No one is alive in this community

Why doesn't anyone post here?

People are still posting birthday polls in the zodiac signs community. Jfc-

Okay so we now have three mods which means we might have two more spots left for moderator.

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Anyone born June 11? It's Dan's birthday
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Oh hell nah to the nah nah naaah
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