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Russian Front has been released on Steam!
Russian Front is an operational-level wargame in which you battle for the Russian Front - the pivotal moment in World War 2. Experience grand strategy across the entire theater of the Eastern Front; the military conflict that many consider to be the iconic attacker/defender scenario.
Command massive armies in this fully 3D turn-based simulation of one of the largest military campaigns in history, playable as both Germans and Russians.

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Hi I'm César Gómez, author of the Spanish RPG & Boardgames blog '2 maracas D10'.
I have just launched my first game on the crowdfunding website Verkami. And would like to promote it here if the admins have no objection.

¡Abordaje! (Boarding!) is a tactical 2 players game. You as a pirate or a Spanish marine will fight your rival trying to conquer his ship. The game is non-languaje dependant.

There is a special launching offer, 12€ with S&H to Spain or pick-up at Essen 2015. Only for 24h.!


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Here I unbox a new copy of Here I Stand, GMT's 2010 game on the Wars of the Reformation. Another nice find at the FLGS.

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Hello all,
let me share with you the joy of my personal project. Alternative Civil War has been funded!
Alternative Civil War is a 28mm scale miniature skirmish wargame set in an alternate world. Impossible science collides with ancient powers and mythical beings clash with courageous soldiers over the American Civil War battlegrounds in a conflict that has transcended its own frontiers.
I'll let a small excerpt here, but if this catch your attention, you may check more about the project in its last hours at - -

Ponce de León arose from The Fountain of Youth in La Florida kindling the Spanish conquest of La Florida and the islands of the Gulf of Mexico, from where they and is fighting its way over the southern territories of North America. All over the continent natives are uprising against the colonists’ expansion all over the continent led by Tenskwatawa the Prophet and his sibling the Warlord Tecumseh- kept alive for over a century by his powerful.
With this campaign Ghost Train Games, we, want to show the broad public a brand new take on alternative history with a solid, interesting background and awesome narrative opportunities. Gameplay is simple but with a huge tactical depth given by the interactions between models rather than with complexity in the rules. The miniatures are beautifully sculpted and credibly sculpted and cast in resin and metal for the finest quality.

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Kommandant Otto Falkenhayn takes U-440 out for its maiden patrol on the high seas around the British Isles, laying mines and sinking Allied shipping.

Meanwhile, Ardwulf, in his first game of The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43, messes up a bunch of rules, only some of which get removed in post.

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Hi, grognards!  I'm an old-school gamer, both computer and board.  I played all those gold box games on my Commodore 64, and I am pretty sure I had all of them, they filled up a small shelf, IIRC.

I have been a graphic artist and technical illustrator for over fifteen years, but four years ago I decided to give a serious attempt at turning my hobby, programming, into my life-long dream job, game developer.

I learned to program in the early 80's, and I taught myself C in the early 90's.  In 2010, I started using Unity3D, starting with a fantasy 4X I called Glyph.  Posting progress reports on the Unity3D forums, I got more interest in the map system I developed; I also realized how over-ambitious I was being trying to do the scale of game that I wanted Glyph to be.  Glyph was tabled, and I turned my map work into 'HexTech,' and began publishing this package on the Unity Asset Store.
My next project really didn't have a purpose when I started on it; it started as me wondering if I could do it.  I created a variation of the map system that creates globes of hexagons from an icosahedron (d20); this package was creatively named 'HexGlobe,' which I also began publishing on the Asset Store.
All this map work attracted the attention of a Scottish studio who were looking for a Unity developer to partner with them and game design company, Hexwar.
The result, 'Russian Front', went public at the end of September, and has been getting very good reviews and community feedback...

Russian Front was designed by Hexwar to be appealing to the grognards, with old-school, but streamlined mechanics, wrapped in a candy coating of modern goodness.  It covers the eastern front of WWII, from 1941-1945; the player can be Germany or Russia, and it is on PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablets.

I'm kind of proud of my first baby, as you might be able to tell...  :D

I didn't want to drop into a new Community and throw down a bunch of links to stuff that I also sell, like some spammer, so I'll just leave some pictures for everyone's free enjoyment.
If anyone wants me to talk about any of this stuff, I could probably be coaxed into saying more.  ;)
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Anyone ever play any of those Task Force games?
Specifically, the pocket games 'Intruder' and 'Robots!'?

Intruder was basically Alien: the Boardgame, set on a space station, you try to capture or kill the alien before it manages to pick off your crew one by one...  A great game for either one or two players, since rules were provided to control the Intruder with the dice.

Robots! was a two-player game about robot mining ships landing on a planet in a rush to mine the most minerals before the launch window closes.  You built units from your pool of victory points by starting with a chassis- Tank, Hover, or Walker you stacked up weapons and other parts for your robots, which you would take out on the surface to gather minerals.  Since you built your units and scored from the same resource, keeping lean, and doing the job with the least amount of resources expended was very important.
Also important was the choice to fight or not to fight... If you spend a large chunk of your points goal to build units, losing them could be a disaster; but this also means a decisive blow to your enemy is equally likely to cripple them.

So, these were two of my favorite classic games, how about you?

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The game cabinet.  I just need to find where the rest of my games are hidden

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BIG Squad Leader
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Lets list New games to try here...
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