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Name: Renji Abarai
Age: 250
Personality: Hotheaded, cocky, smug, loud can get melancholy and down if defeated in battle
Shikai: Zabimaru
Bankai- Soo Zabimaru

(Prefer to do yaoi Rp as a Uke) 

Name: Rinka Abarai (running out of ideas for last names)
Age: 19
Personality: Short tempered, nice, caring, shit like dat basically
Shikai: Koorogi (cricket) 
Bankai: Koodori Koorogi (Dancing Cricket) (not sure what bankai would do but shikai doesnt do anything sooo yeah.)

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Name- Hikari Kurai
Age- 170
Personality- Kind, Soft, helpful with friends, ambitious , always smiling, 
Shikai- Magune
A purple like bow, the arrows are metal, but the metal is created from my spiritual power
Bankai- Yumi Magunechikku  
Changes into a thick sword, but also shoots bows 
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