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system monitor怎么查看每一个app的IO占用呢?就像CPU、内存、网络的每一个app占用那样查看。

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Cpu3 cpu4 都没有赫兹显示。sony xz

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I'm on Android N preview 2 and I don't see anything in top apps section.

I don't have a GPU load statistics tab on my Galaxy S7 Edge Exynos 8890 variant. Really missing this feature...Also would be nice to a have a CPU temperature tab or to integrate it into the CPU load/frequency tab and not only Battery temperature - Battery temp is quite irrelevant.

Looks like the application cache option recalculates the entire cache every time I delete anything.

For example, I reached the application cache tab, it took 15 seconds to load the cache list. I tap the delete icon on vine. It deletes Vine's cache. It then shows the loading spinner for 15 seconds and then shows the cache list. Why does it need to do that? It makes it very time consuming and practically unusable.

Same thing for storage analyzer thing. It takes 15-20 seconds to show the first screen. When I tap any folder in the list, it takes another 15-20 seconds to show that folder's analysis.

Both of these need to be way faster.

I have Nexus 6P, Stock Android 6.0.1 Feb, SuperSu v2.68 franco kernel r10, Xposed v80

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Is anyone else experiencing this bug? If you turn of graph for cpu flying monitor the widget just goes blank. Happens on my tab and phone. +Christian Göllner​ this a known bug?

I would like an extra column in The top-apps view with The disk i/o in it.
My phone somethimes grinds To a halt and i/o peaks.
It would be Nice if I could see what app is responsible for that.
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