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Frequently Asked Questions
Please have a look here before posting questions :)

First off, Lifelog is not responsible for the Smartband/Smartwatch hardware or corresponding host apps.

Q: Could you add Google Fit support for SWR10?
No, it's up to the smartwear host app to add this functionality, not Lifelog.

Q: Could you add the feature to edit physical activity durations?
A: This is now done for Sleep and we want to enable it for other activities as well, however there's no ETA on when it will be done.

Q: Why isn’t my Playstation 2/3/4 gaming tracked by Lifelog?
A: We do not have a plan to bring the connection to Playstation into Lifelog as of now.

Q: Why is my physical activities logged but not my application usage?
A: Verify that Lifelog has permission to log App Usage in '(Android) Settings -> Security -> Apps with usage access'

Q: Why are some of my apps appearing in the wrong category?
A: We mainly categories the app usage based on the app category on Google Play. However since not all Google Play categories exists within Lifelog we have to manually redirect some apps to a more fitting category. If there's an app that you feel is in the wrong category, suggest a change and we might fix it (no promises).

Q: Why is my SmartWatch 3 (SWR50) not recording sleep?
A: Sleep can only be logged by SmartBand 1 (SWR10), Talk (SWR30) and 2 (SWR12). Right now there are no plans on adding support for SmartWatch 3, but we might consider it for a future release.

Q: Why is music player X (e.g. Google Music or SoundCloud) only logged when the app is in the foreground?
A: At the moment Lifelog can only log specific tracks from Sony Music and Spotify, other music players will be treated as any other app and only be logged when it's in the foreground.

Q: I'm using Spotify but my tracks are not being logged!
A: Go to 'Spotify -> Settings' and check that 'Device Broadcast Status' is enabled.

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One thing I find annoying is that there is only yards as distance. I would have preferred a setting that is imperial /metric. And that setting would change temperature and distance ways of measuring.
Also a thing that have happen several times is that the app only log a part of what I do. As in this photo where I walked almost 7 kilometers. But it logged much shorter. What can trigger that so I can see if I can force that error to happen again? 

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When I was driving car.Why the lifelog recorded me I was cycling.

Yesterday I received my first reward for exceeding my daily steps count but when I clicked on it a page was opened on the Google Play Store asking me to download and install Audible. I clicked on Install but nothing happened on that page. I had to exit the page and download Audible from within the Google Play Store app. After that, I went back into Lifelog and my reward was gone! Is there a way to view what reward(s) I've received from Lifelog? I haven't claimed it at all but now it's gone :(

So I been a member here for a while. I have not yet figured out how to download the beta? It is no links here and nothing in play store at the beta tab.

I really would hope there is a better version to download since the one I have not (last public) is pretty much useless. And I could provide plenty of bugreports and suggestions to the team if I only could download the beta to start with. 

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Interesting! You can see Tuesday they delivered my smartband to me! I would carry my phone around with me n before that. 

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And the week after,I left my phone behind. Does any one find that when carrying your phone with you aswell as have your SmartBand with y you, they conflict and it doesn't register steps you did? 

When I go to sleep between midnight and 2 local time (Finland, that is between 22 and midnight UTC), Lifelog often registers one hour less. For example last night I started sleeping about 01:15, Lifelog claims it was 02:17. I use the Sony SWR30 and not the beta-version of Lifelog.

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In the last updates you modified the app logging settings.
Since now the app is constantly logging, I find the persistent notification useless and kind of annoying.
Could you please remove it?
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