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Personalized Medicine Approach and Advanced Diagnostics of Liv Cancer Center

• Advanced 3 Tesla MRI
• Genetic Screening
• Abdominal and Thoracic Screening
• Digital High Sensitive Mammography
• Skin Cancer Screening
• Hematological Screening
• Advanced Imaging Systems for Urological and Gynecological Cancers
• Metabolic and Endocrinologic Screening
• Personalized Cancer Screening Programs for all ages

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EOS-ICE Plus+Partner
755,808,1064nm, 3 Wavelengths Integrated
Exclusive Patent Cooler Handle
Unique built-in USA semi-conductor cooling.
If you are interested in the machine, pls feel free to contact me.
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Liv Hospital Stem Cell Production Center Director
Prof. Dr. Erdal Karaöz wishes you all a happy week.
- What is a stem cell?

Our bodies are consisted of millions of cells. These cells are situated in our organs like liver, kidney and brain and they perform the functions of these organs. In other words, as we develop in our mother’s womb starting from embryonic stage, some cells form the functional cells of our organs and they gain characteristics suitable to the function of that organ and live as the cell of the related organ (for example liver) for the rest of our lives. As these organs develop, small number of primitive, unspecialized or non-functioning cells like liver cells settles in these organs. These cells are called “stem cells”. Stem cells are present in almost all of our organs. These cells compensate for the minimal injuries occurring in their organs throughout our lives. Their fundamental characteristics differentiate into the respective cells of their tissues or organs and they protect the cells against many external factors which may damage the organs through different mechanisms.

Treatment areas:

Peripheral arterial diseases (such as Buerger’s Disease)
• Chronic critical limb and foot ulcers
• Incurable chronic injuries
• Cartilage degeneration
• Soft tissue and wound treatments
• Plastic surgery
• Breast reconstruction
• Tendon damage
• Burns, injuries and injury scar repair
Cosmetic applications:
• Skin rejuvenation and firming
• Filing applications
• Facial bone and soft tissue trauma
• Maxillofacial surgery
• Facial deformities
Immunotherapy treatments (such as
graft versus host disease GVHD

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Here are just top 8 medical technologies and some #startups in each category that Savvycom team are most looking forward to #healthcare.

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Thanks for your feedback Simon!
Very happy to be of help :)

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Online pharmacy India has gained popularity, get all the medicines sitting in your comfort zone with online medicine shopping.

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This case study is another success story showing that companies from various industries and strata benefit from Callbox’s target marketing to increase profitability and growth without sacrificing the quality of customer service.

Know what kind of strategies the Callbox had employed to come up with a successful campaign for an industry leader.


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Offering healthy, complimentary snacks to our patients is just one way we say "thank you for choosing us!"
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