Ganz toll, eine Google Plus Community die perfekt zu eurem Produkt passt. Ihr kommentiert und moderiert diese Seite hier so gut wie euer Produkt. Nach über 5 Jahren mal wieder Plesk installiert, nur um zu sehen ob es immer noch der größte Müll ist und nicht enttäuscht worden. Läuft...

Hi community, i write because have onr question.
In my server with plesk, i have first domain with certficate ssl "let's encrypt".
Second domain is alias of the first domain, root directory is subfirectory of first domain.
My problem is when i open Let's encrypt in second domain, this plug-in setting a certificate ssl with fist domain.
Help me, thank you so much

Hello. I'm Buying A Linux VPS No Panel Would Like To Install Plesk. I have no idea How, Could anyone help me? Step-by-Step, Up Can Be A Link, Any Form Of Help appreciate. I am Brazilian and I am using the translator. So Forgive Translation If You Have Errors.

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Plesk Control Panel sets the standard for hosting automation.  To help better understanding, in below we have listed several reasons why you must choose Plesk Control Panel for hosting needs.

Hello. I'm using Plesk 12 Web Pro Edition at the moment. What billing solutions do you guys recommend? And what billing solution does Odin provide?

I've been looking into WHMCS and Blesta. From what I've read, I get the impression that WHMCS is a bloated mess and Blesta doesn't get much love from Plesk. I then saw there's something called Customer & Business Manager that's supposed to be a component for Plesk but I couldn't find it (discontinued?). And I can't tell if Plesk Automation Billing is for me since I'm not using Plesk Automation.

Looking for the option that's the most compatible and the least headache. Any suggestions?

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Hi everyone. If you are using WordPress Toolkit in Plesk, please help us make it better by taking this survey:

Thanks in advance!
WordPress Toolkit survey
WordPress Toolkit survey

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I need support to remove Postfix without remove Plesk 12. It is possible?

Any one know why I install Plesk 12 but I only can visit default site even I add the domain, but not the httpdoc in vhost?
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