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-No sexual content
-Respect everyone (unless rping)
-You can have as many profiles as you please, but they all must be approved
-Follow the profile template, and add information if needed
-Owners are the only ones that can approve
-You get three warnings before you are banned
-If there's a problem, please report to +Crazy Girl_0019​​ or +person 222222222​​

(↓↓↓Profile Template Below↓↓↓)

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Thanks for the acceptance. Here is my account. Since I could be anything, I decided this profile

Name: Austin
Age: 1 year
Species: Vehicle
Gender: Apache Attack Helicopter
Likes: Video games, Cats, Anime, Food
Dislikes: Vegetables, Sports (Does like Swimming and Gaming)
Personality: Can be crazy most of the time. But is laid back when he is in class
Classes: Computer Programming
Grade: Just started College
Roommate: Doesn't have roommate and is searching right now.
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I just wanted to let the community see this, but yeah it's kinda important....

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+Isaac Zea​ IS INNOCENT!!!!! :p (just read what it says)

I was in my dorm trying to work on some beats then I yelled why is it so hard to get the perfect beat!!! So I grabbed my guitar sat on the bed and started to play it as you walked in, then you~
(open Rp)

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Switching accounts.
Name: Nicole Leandres

Age: 15

Species: Demi-god

Gender: Female

Likes: Myteries, ghosts, Greek mythology, black, Alice in Wonderland

Dislikes: Her father, bright colors, herself, people, bullies

Personality: Shy, depressed, insane, intelligent, sarcastic

Classes: Math, Japenese, assassination classroom English, science

Club: anger management Manga club

Grade: 10th

Roommate: (open)

Crush: (open)

Bio: She's the daughter of Hades and a human. She's a tiny bit insane but hides it with stuttering and pretending to be shy. She was bullied until she transitioned to this school.

Appearence: (picture.)

Theme song: Mad Hatter - Melaine Martinez
(Everything crossed out is a joke.)
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Name: Will Candeloro

Age: 15

Species: Demi-god, Son of Hermes

Gender: Male

Likes: Himself, people, crowds, mirrors, sports, his awesome sneakers

Dislikes: Being alone, not being in a relationship, negative attitude, books, school

Personality: Dumb, athletic, egotistical, flirty, kind, mischievous, outgoing

Classes: Gym, science, english, french

Club: All of the sports clubs

Grade: 9th

Roommate: (open)

Crush: (open)

Bio: When I was born I was put up for adoption! Thanks mom! Oh well, I like my adopted parents. I learned that I am the son of Hermes, that explains why I can easily steal things, pick locks, and why I'm so good at sports! My dad left me with these really cool sneakers with wings on 'em, I think they drank Redbull...

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Name: Minako Nao

Age: 15

Species: Fox

Gender: Female

Likes: Mostly anything

Dislikes: Jerks and mean people

Personality: cute,kind,funny,honest and sweet

Classes: math,science,history,art

Club: Fighting

Grade: 9th

Roommate: none

Crush: open

Bio: her parents died and she lived with her aunt for awhile until she died to but then she was found and invited to this academy and accepted

Appearence: (in picture)

You're walking in the hall on your way to class. But then you hear a noise from somewhere.
You track the noise to find me training (opening rp)

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Name: Ryuki Saki

Age: 16

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Likes: Playing the piano.

Dislikes: Thunder

Personality: She's shy but happy. She is aggressive and competitive.

Classes: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, And Gym

Club: Music

Grade: 11

Roommate: (Open)

Crush: (Open)

Bio: She always there for her father and would play the piano for him even through he was in the toughest of times when he lost his wife.

Appearence: Pictures
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