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Cole is a nice playful girl that loves cats, dubstep, gaming, riding her skateboard and parcore. She's single, lesbian but not looking for a relationship. She is friends woth everyone and everything. She is still learning so she isn't...

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Name: Ryukie
Age: 16
Type: sorcerer
Personality: funny,quiet,cool,cray cray
Bio: Ryukie as you know is a sorcerer to control her powers she wears a moon stone on a silver chain. Her hair changes to grey when it is removed the color of her magic is like blue fire. She had never known her family and is homeless 
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Here are my Characters:
name: Ghaladron
age: 102 (he's an elf so he ages slowly)
class: Wizard
bio: A fire Wizard who is extremely awkward in social situations.
looks: Male, Long pale blonde hair (Legolas Style), blue robes, blue eyes and a wooden staff

Second Character:
name: Kenichi Fukuda
class: Genie
bio: Kind, knows everything about the magic world. As a Seeker, it's his job to find people who are magic and show them their powers
looks: See the first image

Third Character:
name: Bakora
class: Bard
bio: School Bully, uses his charm power to sway the students to do his bidding. Uses a rod of whistling bamboo as his instrument.
looks: Tall, shoulder-length reddish-brown hair. Loose white buttoned shirt and black pants

It's your first day at this new school and you only know one person, kenichi fukuda, the person that showed you magic powers. As your walking through the hall a tall guy walks up carrying a bamboo stick, he says "ha, your new right. let me give you the initiation" and waves his stick from side to side. You hear a whistle and you feel yourself being charmed. Kenichi steps in and breaks the spell saying "stop Bakora, do you have to torment every new kid!"

((open role play))
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