After running off and on for a couple years and not really getting anywhere, I've made it to week 8 day 2!!!! I've been running Monday - Friday and taking the weekends off. I'm still slow as molasses in the winter. But I feel great! I'm so proud of myself! After Friday I'm out of c25k workouts!

I have my first blister though... Trying to decide if I should tape it for tomorrow run? Or use vet wrap to cushion? It's where my big toe and pointer toe rub together. I'm a pain wuss, so I need to get ahead of it! 

Hello all, I am brand new here today.

I don't know if it was the warning from the doctor that he will have to put me on more medication soon, or the scale showing the highest number I have ever seen today, but it is time to do something. I just downloaded the app today, and will be shopping for some shoes this evening.

I haven't bought running shoes or really done any running in about 15 years. Any suggestions?

Ran Couch to 5K, week 3 day 3 today. Felt fatigued, though. Could not go very fast. Guess I need to get some rest. :|

I just started couch to 5k yesterday and I think I'm gonna love it. I have been trying to start running for about 15 - 20 years but I never was able to progress too far without becoming discouraged and wracked with pain. A few years ago I took up cycling and found it to be less painful, but I still have always wanted to run. I looked into the Couch to 5k program a few months ago but it didn't really click with me until I found a Couch to 5k app for my Pebble watch. Now when I run, it just buzzes my wrist each time I'm supposed to switch from walking to running or vice versa. It just makes everything simpler and easier. I'm really excited about this program!

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Check out this new race series.  Look forward to a soft run on a golf course followed by dinner from local restaurants...Coming soon!
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I just realized I just missed my 2 year run-iversary! I've been doing this for 2 years! Who would have thought (certainly not me!)? 4/25/13 was my very first run, I couldn't even finish the 60 second intervals and now I'm running 3.5 -4 miles! 

Week two day one wasnt nearly as bad as what I was expecting. 

Another 1.62 miles this morning. My legs are looking forward to having the weekend off. Calves and shins hurt today!

What's everyone else doing  today?

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Last week I started the Couch to 5K program again. I took some time off last year. Life really got crazy and not so good. So I'm trying to claw my way back one morning run at a time! I'm the opposite of a morning person so each time is a major achievement. LOL

Trying to use some online forums for accountability and they just don't seem very beginner friendly. My tolerance for snark is a bit low at the moment! :P

Hoping this community will work better for my accountability needs!
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