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If you speak to Fiona, Laura, Vanessa or any one of those who came to my outdoor classes they'll tell you that I got people to speak to every dog going past. 

You had to say "Are you taking your human for a walk?"

The origin of this came from my pet dog Ben. I owned him for 2 weeks. For 12 years he owned me! 

You could set your clock by my owner coming up to me at 7pm wanting his dinner. Once I had given him his dinner he would reward me- by taking me on my walk! He would insist on it.

So check out- Power of Pets

How your dog can help you lose weight.

Joined the February challenge at the gym....Lose 5% of current weight by by the end of February.... 

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There are some very insensitive people out there when it comes to being overweight- some of them are in fact personal fitness trainers- do you think we should make them wear one of these suits? - please put your thoughts below

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Read the story of my most improved client of 2013. Her previous trainers had failed her. She was so overweight her monthly cycles were so heavy that they were going to remove her uterus (hence no kids). Look what I did as the ONLY doctor qualified fitness trainer in the north of the UK

Happy new year everybody

2013 was known as the year Nelson Mandela died. 2014 will be the year that nude zumba took the world by storm

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Please be kind enough to check out our latest newsletter- called Secret to a guilt free dinner. Please let us have your commens in the box at the bottom of the article

Going to increase gym attendance to 4 times a week starting in January
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