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Name: Peter
Age: 19
Relation: Byaukra : Sister (Missing)
                Panty and Stocking : Adopted by them and trained by Stocking
                Parents: dead by fire "accident"
Weapon: The holy Sivir
Race: Angel (Curruopted)
Likes: Sweets (dou the living with the sisters affected him a little) as well spicy food, nice poeple,
Dislikes: anyone who wants to bring chaos, mean poeple
Kind: Nice, strong, naive, sometimes stupid in some situation, tries to be friends with everyone he can, sometimes charming
hope everything is alright...
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One question?
What does marysue OCs means?

Kenny was seen running for her life from ???
It's up to you to save her from this shitty ass RP!

//is anyone scanty or kneesocks?

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Name: Nepeta Leijon
Age: 13
Weapon: Claws
God teir: Rogue of Heart
Species: Troll
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Name: Cheoasu yankua
Pesterchum/Trollian name: ChetheHellokitty
Weapon/strife specibus: slice and dice (gets her items with a diferent combinations of scratch marks)
Likes: CANDY CANDY CANDY, fighting, and fish (boys) ~PURR
Dislikes: DOGS and rude people (( god mods ))
Typing Quirk: puts ~PURR after every thing she says
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name: Takato
bio: just another old regular human. nothing really special about him. he attends a college. Hes into law inforcment or justice. lives in a apartment. and is somewhat poor.

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Name: Kenny (Petitpanda) the panda

Gender: Female

Age: 15ish

A cute little panda girl who loves hearts and music

Species: Elephant, obviously. Hah, no, panda.

Personality: Shy, indignant, courteous, prim and proper, happy-go-lucky, flirtatious, mischievous.

Bio: Kenny was born in Glorious Nippon to two parents who really wanted a son so they could marry their child off and continue their family name. As a result of sheer stubbornness after receiving a girl, Kenny has a ridiculous name that she hates and is teased for it constantly. She stayed indoors and played games and surfed the internet instead of talking to people, making her acquire all these weird tastes for Maid costumes, Schoolgirl Outfits and a weird fascination with how much skin is showing between the sock and the skirt on a girl.

She spends her time writing songs about these weird and obscure things on the internet and thinks she's going to get famous, but probably won't. She might have "8th Grade Syndrome" though she's probably stubborn enough to deny it and deluded enough to believe it.

In the end, Kenny's parents didn't know what to do with her and sent her to a private school so that she could mingle with other girls her age and not be a disgusting NEET.

Likes: Hearts, Thigh-Highs, Ice-Cream, People who want to protect her, Long walks on the beach, Long walks to the girl's locker room, Long hoodies, anime, mangas, sweets.

Dislikes: Cat People, People who like cats and not actually people who are cats, People who think they are cats, Sour food, Psychopaths who coincidentally are people who like cats.

Strengths: Cute beyond all believability, Persuasive, Great anatomy, Woop Woop

Weaknesses: Short as hell, Paranoid, Shy, Disappoints a lot of people on a daily basis with her life choices

She is extremely lesbian. XD

Weapon: throwing knives that are hidden under her skirt and at the bottom of her shoes.

Info stolen from:

(I deleted some things XD)

Sorry for the long signup
Freakin' weeb..
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Weapon: hammer, sword

Likes: SCIENCE!, redstone

Dislikes: griefers, hackers, and skeletons

Occupation: scientist of

Race: human


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Name: Zakkin Captor
God Tier: Mage of Mind
Blood: Yellow

Wepon: Psiioniics, his mind, and his telekinetic mech suit.
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