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Join us at Grape Day Park on Saturday, October 17, 2015 for a Global Blood Drive.  Bring your friends and family. This blood drive is a coordinated effort with the Global Ingress Community, including over 40+ cities in different countries participating on this day.  This is the first cross faction effort in which the San Diego Resistance and the San Diego Enlightened community are collaborating together.  Help us save lives by donating blood for a good cause.

Did you know that every pint of blood you donate can save 3 lives?!  With over 500 participants worldwide, we can potentially save 1500 lives!

Blood donors will receive a Linked Lives T-Shirt!
If you plan on donating or attending please fill out:

You can further help us at, all donations will help pay for organizational expenses, such as the city permit, swag, and donor rewards.  Any remaining funds will go to the San Diego Blood Bank.

Also as a community oriented event, we encourage the contribution in sharing something we can all enjoy, such as food, board games, card games, soccer ball, etc.

Please RSVP soon so we can determine how much food, swag, and planning size of event to prepare for.

Activities Include:
Grill & Potluck
Free Swag Bags
The Linked Lives Mosaic Mission
Socializing with Other Ingress Agents
Recruiting and Coaching of New Agents
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