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Name: Arthas Menethil
Age: Unknown 
Gender: Male
Race: Half Human and Half Undead  
Weapon: Light's Vengeance and The Frostmourne
Good or Bad: both 
Profile/personality: almost look alike to Suikotsu
Time Period: a little Medieval like Knight, Musketeer,...etc but sometime Modern
Bio: Arthas Menethil, Crown Prince of Lordaeron and Knight of the Silver Hand, was the son of King Terenas Menethil II and heir to the throne. He was trained as a paladin by Uther the Lightbringer, and had a romantic relationship with the kind sorceress Jaina Proudmoore.
Despite his promising beginnings, Arthas became one of the most powerful and evil beings Azeroth would ever know. Taking up the cursed runeblade Frostmourne, he became a death knight, led the Scourge in destroying Lordaeron, and merged with the Lich King. Ruling as the dominant personality of the Lich King for years afterwards, Arthas was defeated in combat by adventurers of the Alliance and the Horde. Cradled by the spirit of his father, King Terenas, Arthas Menethil died, leaving the mantle of the Lich King to be taken by a noble soul who would contain the power of the Scourge.
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Name: InuYasha, Japanese: 犬夜叉
Age: 200 → 203 (chronologically)
Gender: half-demon, Male
Weapon: Sword (Tessaiga), claws
Good or Bad: Good
Time Period: Feudal Japan
Personality: (Hot headed)

Bio: (Inuyasha (犬夜叉, "Dog Forest Spirit") was an inu hanyō, son of the Inu no Taishō and human Izayoi. He was pinned to a sacred tree by a sacred sealing arrow shot by the priestess Kikyō after he attempted to steal the Shikon no Tama. Kagome Higurashi released him from the seal fifty years later,[6] but soon after, she accidentally shattered the Shikon Jewel into hundreds of fragments. They reluctantly agreed to work together as a team to recover all of the fragments that had scattered across Feudal Japan before they fell into the wrong hands.) 
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Name: Inu no Taisho
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Race: Dog daiyōkai
Weapon: Tessaiga, Tenseiga, Sō'unga 
Good or Bad: Good
Time Period: feudal era
Profile: Honorable, Loving Father,...etc
Bio: He is the father of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. Inu no Taisho is actually a rank that stands for Dog General or Leader of Dogs. Most people refer to him as The Great Dog Demon. Inu no Taisho was a taiyoukai, or great demon; he ruled in the 'Western Lands', which are assumed to be the western parts of Japan. At some point in his past, he sired Sesshoumaru. Described by Myoga as a 'demon among demons', Inu no Taisho defeated many demons before his death. Those who have been identified are as follows: Hyoga and Menomaru (villains in the first Inuyasha movie), Oyakata (leader of the Panther tribe), and the deadly Ryukotsusei, whom he was only able to place in torpor and was severely injured by during the fight. According to the third movie, it was immediately after this battle that the Inu no Taisho raced to Izayoi's side, in order to be present at the birth of his second son, Inuyasha. When he arrived he found Iyazoi dead, but saved her with the Tenseiga. During a battle with Setsuna no Takemaru (Takemaru of Setsuna), who had killed Izayoi for consorting with a demon and intended to slay the demon who had sullied her, Inu no Taisho died; it is unclear whether Takemaru, the fire, or his severe injuries from the battle with Ryuukotsusei were the cause-in-fact of his death. Izayoi, revived by the sword Tenseiga, escapes the burning castle as the battle between Takemaru and the Inu no Taisho is engaged, and she watches the building collapse upon them with her infant son in her arms, unable to see what becomes of him.

The Inu no Taisho possessed three powerful swords during his life, only two of which were passed down to his sons: Tetsusaiga, Tenseiga, and So'unga. Tessaiga was bequeathed to Inuyasha, hidden in his tomb within the black pearl in Inuyasha's eye until such time as Inuyasha would be capable of wielding it. Presumably, he left Tessaiga to Inuyasha both to control his hanyou son's demonic blood in desperate situations and because Tessaiga was strong enough to protect Inuyasha from Sesshoumaru's violent hatred. Tenseiga was bequeathed to Sesshoumaru, presumably in his hope that because the sword could only be used to save life, Sesshoumaru would eventually use it for that purpose, giving him something to protect and showing his cold, power-hungry elder son the path to compassion. So'unga was sealed by Saya in its sheath for seven-hundred years and cast into the Bone-Eater's Well; from there, it was guarded by the Higurashi family until the modern era, when Saya's magic weakened and the evil spirit of the sword sought to destroy the world. Only through Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru using their swords in concert were they able to defeat So'unga, and the spirit of the Inu no Taisho took the sword into the underworld with him, where it could no longer harm anyone. It was his last lesson to his sons that they must work together; the lesson, so far as the series has demonstrated, did not take easily. While it is unknown how the Inu no Taisho came to possess So'unga, he had Totosai forge Tessaiga and Tenseiga from his own fangs. It is possible, but again merely speculation, that he had the swords forged initially for the specific purpose of balancing and controlling the powers of So'unga.

We don't see enough of Inutaisho to develope a feel for his personality, but if we are to believe what Myoga and others say he was honorable and good, he defended the demons and humans in his lands and treated them without bias or prejudice (obviously if he loved his human ... um... lover enough to come back for her).  Perhaps the greatest indicators of his character are his swords.  He was strong enough to handle the evil sword So'unga, but compassionate enough to use the Tenseiga and selfless/protective enough to use Tetsusaiga. He was proud but not prideful and not ashamed to have and show emotions.
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