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name: lele
Species: velociraptor
aggression index: low
gender: female
diet: meat
likes: to to be warm
dislikes: annoying dinosaurs 
color: brown grey and blue and grey

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name: Jezza
Species: spinosaurus
Aggression index: medium 
lives: in jungles and lakes 
diet: dinosaur and fish
gender: female
likes: to eat fish
dislike: eating people and raptors and a T-Rex
color: gray and blue  

Some of u guys might know this lil dino
Name: Lil,fang
Gender: Female
Age: young
Spieces: I.Rex
Likes: playing with big dinos (only White Mist) and Adventures
Dislikes: being alone and making fun of
Relationship: Too young
Bio: She got lost in a forest when a Adult I.Rex named White Mist found her and protect her from Some predators That eat Young Dinosaurs and always likes Adventures and stay closed to White mist so she can survive more or she will be Gone

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Name: Jacob (Dominator as a Human)
Age: 21
Employment: Escaped Dino Hunter
Gender: Boy

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