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Data Roaming – Is it worth it? | Android Top Tips

Data Roaming lets you connect to your mobile phone network – your mobile data, whilst you are abroad . When Data Roaming is turned on when you are abroad, your phone will “roam” to find another network to allow you to connect to other service providers.  This will allow you to continue to access your mobile data.

It’s important to note however, that data roaming charges can be really high, and if you go abroad use this with caution, as your network service provider may charge you highly to use this feature. The last thing you want when going on holiday or on a business trip, is to come home to an extortionate phone bill.

So what are the alternatives?

1. Keep your phone off when you travel. - This option is quite extreme and not an option for 99% of us, in today’s society. You have a variety of ways to get online if you chose this option. You can get a dongle for your laptop, visit internet cafes in the country you visit, or connect to Open Wi-Fi Networks e.g. in coffee shops.

2. Turn off your Data Roaming. – This is a quick and simple step, and is explained in this video tutorial. If you choose this option you will still be able to use your phone as normal, apart from any features that require data usage to work. You can still access the internet by connecting to open Wi-Fi Networks in the country you visit.

3. Purchase a Data Package with your Network Service Provider. This is an Add-On you can buy to enable you to use Data roaming abroad without the extortionate costs. It is worth noting however, that most data roaming packages are quite pricey, and the cost does depend on where you are travelling. It will take a bit of research to find a package that suits your needs. If you are looking to use your data just for checking emails or for small data uses, this may be the option for you.

4. Purchase a Sim Card from the country you travel to. – This option is probably one of the most cost effective ways to access Data abroad. Do your research beforehand, so you know exactly what sim card you want to purchase, where to purchase and what the sim card and top up costs are. Some countries, like the U.A.E only allow you to purchase sim cards however, if you are a permanent resident in the country, so do your RESEARCH beforehand!

5.  Purchase a Pre-Paid Data Sim. – There are a whole variety of providers  (Dataroam, Roamline etc) offering this option – find the best one for the country you are visiting, by looking at both price charged, and data allowance given.

As always, research, mix and match, choose the best options for YOU. Most of All , keep your hard earned money in your own pocket!

This Episode explains what flight mode is, when to use it, and how to access it. I also explain in detail, about mobile data, data roaming, APN, Network modes, and Network Operators.

Android Top Tips | Teaching Tech Like It's Supposed To Be Done

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hi all we would like to notify you about our 2 cyprus android apps available cyprus cuisine and cyprus dictionary. both of which have very big success. thank you for your time.

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Hello guys. Just fyi, there is a new cloud storage engine called Copy, and it works at Android as well. Thats the reason why I write it here. They give 15GB for free, and additional 5GB for every referall! So press the link below and register, install the program, and you will start with 20GB for free! #android   #cloud   #copy  

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Keeping an eye on your Data Usage.

Long gone are the days of truly unlimited data usage, and now, if we pass our allowance, we are left with high data charges to pay for the privilege. It’s almost unheard of for Mobile Network Providers to cap our data usage if we ask for it, which was a service they offered freely in years gone by.

With our modern sophisticated mobile devices, and data sucking applications, it’s important now more than ever, for us to keep an eye on our data usage. 

As a first step, you need to know how much data you are currently using. You can do this by checking your past data usage, via your online bills or paper bills. 

If you plan to change your data usage, for instance by watching Netflix or YouTube videos using your mobile data,  there are a variety of Data Usage Estimators available online which will give you a good estimate as to how much data you are likely to use with your planned usage. 

Now it’s time to see how you can limit and decrease this usage so you’re not left with extortionate unplanned charges.

You have a few options here. You can turn your Mobile Data off until you need it, therefore restricting any applications from using your Mobile Data until you need it. Some applications allow you to restrict them from using Mobile Data and choosing to only allow them access to a Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively you can limit your Data Usage from within your android device. The various customization options available to you from within your device are vast, and easy to navigate through, as shown in my video, which you can access by clicking the link below.

There are also apps available in the Google Play Store which will allow you to limit your Data Usage with more options and advanced settings. 

Whichever method you chose, keep an eye on your Data Usage, and keep your hard earned money in your own pocket! 


Android Simplified – Teaching tech like it’s supposed to be done.

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So you may have seen my previous post about Wi-Fi Direct. But when has a big company ever just given in to their competition at the first hurdle?

Look out for Bluetooth 4.0, already being rolled out in the latest technology devices. Compared to previous versions, it’s faster, more efficient and works over longer distances.

Now you may not hear it advertised as Bluetooth 4.0 – but to differentiate from devices that already contain the Bluetooth we have grown to know and love, the latest upgrade can be differentiated by the phrase Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready.

There is a drawback however. You only get to take advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy technology with another Bluetooth Smart device, but not if you are trying to talk to an older Bluetooth device that lacks the low energy feature.

But with a greater market share compared to Wi-Fi Direct and with more Bluetooth compatible devices available, it still remains to be seen who will win this race for supremacy.

Will Bluetooth take the reins with Bluetooth Smart being continually introduced in the latest technology in up and coming years, or will Wi-Fi direct increase its product availability enough to widen its audience and bring awareness to their technology? The battle continues – watch this space.

This Episode explains what Bluetooth is, how to connect two devices, as well as how to transfer files between devices.


Android Simplified - Teaching Tech Like It's Supposed To Be Done

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Wi-Fi Protected Setups – Security Threats?

Now we’re seeing WPS around a lot more, in fact almost all routers come with this feature now.

A Wi- fi protected setup basically tries to make it easier for you to establish a secure wireless home network. Now there are two ways in which you can ease the process of securing a wireless network. The first is via a WPS push button, and the second option is WPS PIN entry.

Some people argue WPS push button is secure, as a remote attacker cannot physically push the button on your router. However they say with WPS PIN entry, a remote attacker can get your entire pin within hours.

Most people opt to disable WPS where the option is available.

I would recommend using caution for both methods, as they are rumoured to be less secure than the standard way to connect to Wi-Fi and may open your network up for attack – as always, better to be safe than sorry!

This video is all about how to edit Wi-Fi setting on a Wi-Fi network you are connected to and explains all about Wi-Fi Protected Setups.


Android Simplified

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Turn Wi-Fi off as your phone sleeps? ARGHHH Data Usage Increase!...Not! 

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say that turning Wi-Fi off when your phone is in sleep mode will increase data usage, and so they never do so.  Most phones even come with this warning when you chose this option.  

However, the solution is a simple one. Turn your data usage off – Problem solved. 

This way, no data is used whilst your phone is in sleep mode, and the Wi-Fi will automatically turn off as your phone sleeps. Then when you start using your phone, thus “waking it up”, your phone will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi as long as it’s within range, and off again in sleep mode. 

This is actually the most energy conserving option for your phone, and you’ll notice an increase in battery life. 

Turning data usage back on when you need it is a simple process – it’s all a win, win situation. 

This Episode explains the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings - What an open network is, and how to set up notifications, what Wi-Fi settings you should use whilst your phone is in sleep mode, what AP is as well as how to set a Wi-Fi timer. It also tells you where you can find both your MAC and IP address.

Click the link below to watch the video:


Android Simplified - Teaching tech like it’s supposed to be done
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