(running from horde)someone please help me

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Name Zane
Age 15
Gender male
Weapon katana butterfly knife revolver
Specialty medic
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Ruff sketch of what Kirdo looks like...

Searching for ammo Go-do-dee-tuo-to-te-eno! (Something she says a lot) There's nothing here! She finds a box "Oh, here's some" 
you're standing behind me for some reason
I swing my scythe at you thinking you're a zombie, but I stop just before I hit you Oh, it's you. There's nothing here.

(If it's dumb I'll delete it)

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Name: Autumn



Name: Kirdo
Age: 23
Gender: Female 
Weapon(s) of choice: Scythe, knifes, broadsword, bow staff and when she needs it a revolver.
Character description:
She's 5'8 with pail skin, short green hair and silver eyes. She wears a broken mask that covers her right eye, a black tank-top and short dark gray shorts with brown boots that stop just above her knees.  (I'll draw a picture of her and post it later. Is that all right?)
Bio: Before the apocalypse, Kirdo was a simple black belt who worked for her father at their Karate studio.
When apocalypse started her father was killed and she was forced to leave her small town, her friend and family because of her being attacked all the time by the zombies. She travels around staying anywhere she can find and is now killing zombies and training herself to get better to avenger her father.

The reason for the mask will be reveled later...
(Sorry if it's not good but it's what I got ><)

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Here is my profile pic.
This is what Will looks like. He has green eyes just for clarification, because I know it's kind of hard to see the face.

Name: Will
Age: 22
Weapons: Night Sticks, Revolvers
Bio: A man who lost his family. He did his best to become strong, but couldn't live up to his father's expectations. After losing them in the apocolypse, he swore to visit a Japaneese Garden that could bring peace to himself. But as you can guess, that hasn't been so easy. I'll show a photo as soon as I find it.

Name: Spike
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Weapons of choice: crossbow, machete, and a pistol
Character description: black hair, average build, a scar on his lip, wears combat boots, combat gloves, jeans, t-shirt, and a leather jacket
Bio: before the apocalypse Spike was an average 24 year old guy who worked at a gun store, but now he travels alone and only stays in place for a few days, and he is an expert shot with a crossbow and taught himself how to fight with a machete

I'm walking through the forest looking for a place to spend the night Damn it, none of these places can be defended easily.
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