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Hello Sigrok community,

I have Keysight U1273 (thank to a keysight lottery). How would i go forward debugging the interface for Sigrok compatability?

Hi there. I looked in Sigrok hoping to find compatibility with Radioshack True RMS Multimeter 2200087. It has a very simple serial interface, the protocol has been decoded ( ) and a Python library has been developed ( ).

Would it be hard to add support in Sigrok? I'm a basic programmer, if it is simple enough I can try myself to contribute.


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i have a Logic Analyzer Meilhaus Logian-16L which seems to be a clone of the Zeroplus Logic Cube LAP-C(16032) but with different PID (7064). Is there any possibility this gets supported? Is there something i can do?
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I'm trying to export captured data from PulseView in CSV format but, all that I get is an empty file. I am able to export in other formats but CSV would be the most convenient for me.
I would really appreciate if anyone could explain how to export csv data.

Vital Batista

Trying to get SigRok working with Rigol MSO4014 - I can see the packet request to the rigol and a response when I select the rigol-ds device type, but nothing populated in the device results window (I tried USB and TCPIP) - Will the rigol-ds work with all rigol devices when VXI selected or is there some local client support etc?

I'm trying to connect my LCR meter on my pulse view window. Previously I downloaded the drivers on my macbook, but nothing happens... Looking into "devices" I cannot find any suitable settings. Since it is mentioned that sigrok is implemented for my LCR meter(peak tech 2170), can someone tell me how it goes???
If everything goes well, I'll have other instruments to connect with sigrok.

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Trying to connect my LWLA1016 with PusseView. Software can find this device but unable to connect.
Maybe somebody have a solution for this problem?

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I am struggling to find a workable sigrok decoder approach for what should be a relatively simple stream. The attached image shows the single line byte stream communication between a PIC processor into the FSK data input on a RFM02 433Mhz transmitter on a Current Cost CT unit.

The DI feeds a fifo buffer in the RFM02 and this is used to modulate the Tx.

Any ideas welcome


PulseView does not import the sample vcd file on the Wikipedia page.

Do I have other settings I have to change to import it?

Trying to get logic analyzer viewer for my own captured data.

I had used the Saleae logic analyzer (terrific product) at my own job, and I thought I'd be able to use it to display other data, but it only exports, not imports.
Which is what lead me to sigrock/pulseview.

My attempts to create an importable csv file have been less than stellar. (I'm using Windows, btw). I tried exporting a csv file from PulseView, but it doesn't have timestamps.

Why can't I just have a csv file of the format


etc, and successfully read it into a waveform viewer. I first tried doing a chart in OpenOffice chart/graph (don't bother).

Then I found out Saleae doesn't do imports.

Pulseview seems like the solution, but I don't know how to format my csv file properly.

I don't mind generating other file types, if I know what they are.
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