Blog #11: A Raisin in the Sun

I will be writing about the discrimination the elderly often suffer, or ageism. Comparing examples of what Lena Younger experiences in the 1950's to 2017. Typically in my opinion there is a recurring attitude in age gaps. For example the youth of one generation and the next will typically be as rebellious as always and the elderly continue to impress upon them their wisdom.

Hi, Class-
I'm just curious to see what ideas you are working on so far for essay 3.
I know some of you are working on the issue of money -how much effect money has in the Younger's Family. To that, I would add whether or not money is a factor that will allow this family, or anyone for that matter, to achieve their dreams. Something to consider for your analysis.

So, feel free to post any other points that you are considering and even respond to other posts as well. That way, you can start developing your draft for Monday.

I might right about the struggles of money; having it and not having it. I think I would analyze both the time in which A Raisin in the Sun takes place and compare it to now.
Or I might write about the struggles of African Americans during the time A Raisin in the Sun takes place, and compare them to the struggles that African Americans face now.

For my essay, I believe that I am going to want to tackle the idea of how gender roles have changed throughout the centuries. I found Beneatha's character to be rather interesting. Her sense of being so driven in becoming a strong, independent, and intelligent woman is something that her family seemed to find incredibly strange and abnormal. She didn't seem to have the support that she would have if this were to happen in the present. What she was looking for in a man and a life partner was also very similar to what women seem to be looking for now. Beneatha may not seem to be the most leading character in the story, but she captured my attention in a much stronger way than any of the other characters. I feel that gender role does play a large part in Raisin In The Sun and I'd like for my essay to be based upon that.

I will be written probably about an influence of money in an aspect of dependency of it. What kind of problem it creates in family life of Youngster and on today .

Raisin In The Sun: Blog #11

For my essay, I am thinking of creating a compare and contrast paper. I will be focusing on the points of language, the style of it, how it has changed, and how we still use slang today.

For my essay I'm going to talk about what is the American Dream comparing, and contrasting from the book to now. I will go in detail, and will provide facts using accurate sources.

I was thinking about writing how your social status is effected by your ethnicity, for example the book A raisin in the sun the family can is not accepted in certain areas of the town. Also I will compare to that has changed today.

I would like to cover the topics of how society portrays African-American struggle from the setting in "A Raisin in the Sun", to how they differ, or relate in 2017. I will probably include expectations of the family members back then as well as now to how African-Americans are expected to thrive in such a tumultuous world filled with new ideas and new struggles.
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