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Hi! My crush isn't a real person. Life is hard. :(

Good luck ™!! Y'all on telling your crushes how you feel..

Anyone still here? :(

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My crush, boyfriend and love of my life
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Is it wierd to not like your crush anymore????
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Why would you all of a sudden do this?
Yes... it is definetly weird

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Can you please vote on who's performance u think is best! I am Shauna.
ALL THE PREFORMERS *After reading which preformence you think is best who do you think should win tonight's princess key??? Voting ends at 9:35!!!*
HERE ARE THE PREFORMENCES Which Performance did you think was best????

Meg's Performance:

*May the winds blow in our favor!"
With that she hopped onto the snake Pokemon and it slithered out as she sat upon him with a sense of authority, Nike landed on his head and the other two took their places, as Meg began to talk*
"Hello. You all came for a show, but you shall get both one of those and a story!"
The lights dimmed a spotlight hitting her, exactly as planned
"Long ago... There were not regions, but two sides! One of light and one of dark! *They were constantly fighting, but today it all ended one way or another!"
At that Logan and Matilda leapt out growling at each other while Meg gestured at the two before stepping back the lights returning as the dance began
It started as the two leaned at each other then turned away before Logan suddenly turned back leaping at the Sylveon who dodged to the rhythm in her mind and then the fire fireworks happened. Logan shot a focus blast and Matilda a Moonblast they met in the middle exploding into sparks as the two clashed mid air. Matilda in an iron tail the other with a shadow claw as they began to 'duel' it looked even dancing back and forth until Logan seemed to have Matilda pinned and then they froze and Meg returned
"All was lost it seemed, but then again.., things aren't always what they seem!"
With that Nike descended between the two seeming to glow and the three participated in a dance while Nike showed them true victory in the form of friendship, and then the Big ending, Meg flipped off Lucky's back as he jumped up tucking into a ball before slamming into the ground with dragon tail, two stones flying towards Nike but suddenly exploded into sparkles with a focus blast and moonblast, right as it ended Meg landed in front and they all posed.
"True Victory is not found on the battlefield but in our hearts!"

Shauna's Performance:

Shauna: Enters stage AND BEGIN I say first I start front flipping and back flipping with Ampharos while Flabebe zooms around the stage using toxic creating purple sparkles and then we all stop and I yell Flareon use Flamethrower! Flareon makes large fire rings and we all jump through them, then Ampharos use thunderbolt and made a perfect circle around us through the rings! We all pose and then do a combination of nuzzle,toxic and Flamethrower! Purple dyst with red sparkles and hearts explode across the stage and we all begin to dance! Afterwards we all jump up high in the air, pose and land gracefully, we then continue to dance until Flabebe creates large plants growing high on the stage! We all climb our way up pose and bow! As we all slide down we bow and kart wheel of stage with a big smiles

Matthew's Performance:

Roselia, Lopunny, Vanilluxe, and I enter the stage. I have a shiny stone in my hand.

Matthew: Now, Roselia!

I throw the Shiny stone up and Roselia touches it and starts to evolve. Lopunny uses sunny day to make the evolution look beautiful making rains of sunshine. Roselia finishes evolving into Roserade! Roserade uses Grassy Terrain to make a field filled with flowers. Roserade then uses Petal dance directly up and Vanilluxe uses Icy Wind and it makes a icy dance of petals around us sweeping us from the ground and dancing in the air, twirling and turning. Roserade uses Grass Whistle and sings a beautiful melody to the crowd while we perform. We then dance around the field with flowers then Lopunny uses Solar Beam to blow away the icy leaves as it rains down in the shape of a flower, it then hits the floor perfectly. Vanilluxe uses Ice beam and the icy flower freezes. We all stand on the icy flower. We then start to skate and for our finale, Lopunny uses Power Up Punch on the Ice and the ice smashes into beautiful sparkles! Vanilluxe then uses Icicle Spears from up above and then Lopunny uses Dizzy Punch on all the Icicles which creates more sparkles. We bow and exit the stage with a big smile.

Autumn's Peformance:

Looks to my pokemon as we head out on stage, very sneaky-like to the middle, and asks for the lights to be dimmed a bit

Autumn: NOW! Listen, can't you hear the wonders of our universe? They are quite amazing, if you just look!

Mr. Nibbles uses dark pulse to cascade the whole stage in darkness, Luxy then uses discharge and Meowstic's psychic turns the discharge into beautifully shining stars. Meowstic swirls it to seem as the universe is moving about in the showcase hall, the stars shining brightly. Mr. Nibbles give out an eerie howl, and meowstic a lines the stars to make a constellation version of Mr. Nibbles howling. Luxy then joins in with a mighty roar, and Meowstic does the same, turning the mighty roar into a luxray constellation. as the howl and roar fade away, I snap my fingers and the luxray and mightyena constellation burst into sparkles. Me and my pokemon dance about gracefully and beautifully about in the sparkles, our outfits sparkling with the stars reflecting off our sparkly outfits. Meowstic then takes the universe that we had made, and turned it into a smaller, circular version, though now the stars turned into a spiral, representing our galaxy. Meowstic swirled it around, then I told Mr. Nibbles and Luxy in a whisper to use crunch and thunder fang on the circular galaxy. They did, and the galaxy was bitten into an abundance of sparkles. Meowstic stopped using psychic and we twirled in the sparkles. For the finally, I said "Now let them hear our mighty roar!" and Mr. Nibbles howled, Luxy roared, and Meowstic used disarming voice. I joined in with a howl myself. After, we bowed down, and looked up to hear and see the applause
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Prefemor Meg
Preformer Shauna
Preformer Matthew
Preformer Autumn

I have Dance as a P.E. class now. And the person that likes me is in the same class as me. And we are learning salsa and the teacher pick me to dance with him. And right now i am forced to date him so everyone is happy. And if i break up with him he well be really sad and and everyone will be to. Anyone have any advice???

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For all you Camp Half Blood lovers out there, this is the community for you!

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Amazing facts about love😍😍
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