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Received this one at work. It's open to anyone who'd like to join. Not sure if it's hands on the keyboard or mock.

The purpose of this event is to conduct notional tactical cyber wargames focused specifically on the medical device community in Minnesota. The cyber wargame, OP MDM-HACK - 241200ZFEB17 includes a scenario specifically based upon the hacking of a medical infusion pump, the decision-making and strategic collaboration and problem solving involved in handling a cybersecurity issue that could simultaneously affect both medical device manufacturers and a healthcare system.

Date/Time: 1300 – 1600 CDT Friday 17 FEB 2017
Location: Smiths Medical, 6000 Nathan Lane North, Plymouth, MN 55442
Organization: Cross functional teams based upon key stakeholder organizations are formed – e.g.; patients, healthcare system, US Governmental regulatory (FDA), US Gov infrastructure protection (DHS – ICS-CERT); and medical device manufacturers.

Please register at that link below:

Smiths Medical
6000 Nathan Lane N.
Plymouth, MN 55442 

Job: If any of you are physical ninjas or know some I know folks looking for physical pen testers. A mix of physical and network pen test skill is best. Travel is involved, all work is remote.

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Hi All, 

I have a job that came up in my networking group that may be of interest. The company is looking for someone with a good amount of hands-on experience with Linux. 

The Information Security Analyst is a key security architect for Internet of Things solutions at Exosite, including embedded systems, networks, cloud platforms, and user experiences and reports directly to the CTO. Assessing security vulnerabilities, recommending security practices, auditing security measures, and interacting with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders are key objectives of this critical role for Exosite.

Please reach out to me if you're interested in the position.

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Hi all - I just found an article about Chrome 'flags' and how to rapidly mute unwanted noisy (as in audio) tabs...and what do you know...try this if you're a Chrome fan.  I am not sure where this has been hiding...but pretty cool you can do some of this:


Chrome Audio tab link:

Chrome flags page (all of them from the top):

Has anyone else played w/ these Chrome flags?  Thoughts?

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+david gavic is already deep in thought and we haven't started yet.

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Sneak peak of July's meeting "Pineapple Analysis".

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Solid article and potentially a historical trip for some of you.

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Our June meeting is on Wednesday, 17th 6:15PM @ Grumpy's in

This month's presentation will focus on tools and resources for
hardening windows systems and validate system configuration across an enterprise.

Jake Bernier
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