I am using resurrection remix rom on my flo, which version of kernel should I download and use? Aosp or cyanogenmod? 

I am using this awesome kernel on my nexus 7 2013 since long ago time, yesterday I updated to cm 14.1. Any chance for having this kernel for cm 14.1 in future? 

+Aaron Segaert​ Will you continue support N7 2013 on Nougat and next? Google is stop update this device. I just installed AOSP buil nougat and would love to have again KSM, volume increase and more with your kernel. 

Installed latest stock AOSP rom on Nexus 7 flo 16GB. Installed TWRP. Installed EX through TWRP/AROMA installer with options for doubletap2wake and sweep2wake and disabled s2w shut off on physical button shut down. Also checked the option for USB OTG charging.

s2w/dt2w does not function correctly: after turning off screen with button, function does not wake my screen. If I turn the screen off with swipe2sleep, s2w/dt2w functions correctly.

Sometimes when I use the N7 in my hands and then lay it on a horizontal surface (table), s2w/dt2w does not function until I take the N7 up from the table.

USB OTG charging seems not to work at all, maybe I should use an OTG cable without pins 4 and 5 connected to ground?

No more mpdecision for nexus 7 2013? After flashing elementalx kernel can't see the option to enable and disable mp decision. 

Hello, folks.

Do the loadable governor profiles work with Nexus 7 flo?
If so, any recommendations for generic gaming/streaming with kodi/emails/surf?

Thanks for the good work on the kernel and manager

Newbie question, how can I install elemental x to my Nexus 7 2013 running cm 13?( I've never installed a custom kernel before but double tap to wake sounds awesome)

Anyone else having USB connection issues with computer? 

I have enabled Backlightdimmer, but when i set brightness at the lowest level my screen turned completely off sometimes but my Nexus 7 is still on.. 

Couple of questions.

1. Ex Kernel Manager still downloads Elementalx 5.05 even though I have my Nexus 7 2013 updated to 6.0.1, is there a way to make it download 5.06?

2. I don't really understand the numbers for thermal throttling on Ex Kernel Manager.

What's each set of numbers and what's the max it can go?
I'm curious because my Nexus 7 seems to run a bit too hot.
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