Hi flar2.

I'm trying to build a kernel for m7vzw but I weren't lucky, the device didn't boot. Here's my configs:

export ARCH=arm
export SUBARCH=arm
export PATH=../arm-cortex_a15-linux-gnueabihf-linaro_4.9.4-2015.06/bin:$PATH
export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-cortex_a15-linux-gnueabihf-
make m7wlv_defconfig
make -j4

then I packed kernel by this cmdline

mkbootimg --cmdline "console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 androidboot.hardware=m7wlv user_debug=31 androidboot.selinux=permissive enforcing=0" --base 0x00000000 --kernel arch/arm/boot/zImage --ramdisk ../final_files/rd.gz --ramdisk_offset 0x81e00000 --pagesize 2048 -o ../final_files/boot.img

Did I do something wrong? Can you provide me a small guide to take ramdisk (I used a tool that was released by tobias in Z5 section), cmdline and defconfig?

Is it a good kernel to make a menu button?  I don't get why they didn't put a menu button on HTC One M7, but that is my reason for asking about the ElementalX Kernel.  Of course overclocking would be a bonus, with options.  However I had been using the CM 12 ROM until I bricked my phone trying to do a boot.img.  If it comes back from JTAG ok, I will be looking to find a way to get that HTC center unused key working as a menu button

I want to purchase an HTC One M7 but have noticed that when scrolling, there is a lot of ghosting of the text. This really bothers my eyes. Is there any way this ghosting can be minimised? Any options to set in your ROM for this?

What is does HTC pnpmgr do ? Is it better for battery disabled or enabled ? i am using the latest ex kernel for HTC one m7 gpe 5.1 rom

Hello im owner of the HTC one m7 i rooted my fone and installed the coustom rom ViperOne, now i wanna  flash the ElementalX kernel, in  the installation (flashing) of the kernel i  have to chose between some i/o shedeule ROW, FIOPS and defaoult so my question what does FIOPS and ROW do  is one of them better for my battery life ? 

hai there..may i know.does this kernel (ElementalX-m7 | 20.2 Sense | 21.1 GPE 5.1) work with s.rom real sense 7 lollipop 5.0.2?tq

Is this kernel compatible with cm 12.1?
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