Hey +Aaron Segaert , I've updated the translation for your 3 apps. Brazilian portuguese. Thanks.

Hey hey! Is true that you are working in honor view 10? :)

No EXK for Samsung s6....?

Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 (2014 edition) (7.1.2 rr ROM)
Don't have support of Elemental X for my tab somebody can get support of Kernel
I'm new developer of xda community but I don't know how made a kernel

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Ever create a profile and share it, but there user doesn't get the same experience you are having. This video might give a brief explanation why and how to improve your profile using exkm.

Exkm is a very powerful kernel manager and custom profiles can be very useful to helping other achieve battery or performance. In this video tutorial I'm going to show how to create your own profile with add-ons due to a template I created. This will allow for a more controlled profile to help offer a similar experience with the setup you are running and the profile you want to share. Much thanks to the dev for this very powerful app we can enjoy and share our settings in kernel.
Here's a brief tutorial on creating a more controlled profile using my add-on template for EXKM . In this tutorial I show how to apply the governor, frequency, scheduler and more in a profile using the template. Hope this helps others when creating their profile to share.

Using your awesome kernel on 5t, it's smooth and fast. One question. Did you optimized anything regarding cpu? Or it's just a stock kernel with some tweaks?
And, is touch boost really a big battery eater or just a small difference when disabled?

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I'm wanting to know if anyone who uses the power saving feature has ran into the issue I posted in the video.https://youtu.be/NET1pURYBog

I have a Moto Z Griffin and for now Running CRDroid Rom Oreo 8.1

Any updates etc regarding Oreo? As I am not able to use your excellent product to due 8.1

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Lately been having the issue with power saving mode. It displays little core frequency at the big core setting. 1536mhz is big core and 1555 is little core. In picture you'll see little core 1536. When I disable power saving it then sets little too big core setting. Little core 1555 and big core 960. It sets 960 for both. I have to apply the profile again to get correct settings.
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Hi, I am having trouble with smb.

If you enter the 'mount' command using the 'iocharset=utf8' option, this message is printed. (... : Can not access a needed shared library)

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
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