I've now got latest Viper ROM 6.0.0 based on Nougat running on phone. I reflashed kernel 4.05 thru TWRP but caused bootloop. That's based on MM.
Will kernel for the HTC10, based on Nougat, work?

Kernel works with Nougat?

EX Kernel Manager: anyone tweaking the areas regarding dirty ratio, dirty background ratio, vfs cache pressure etc? I'm a notorious tinkerer so any incremental improvements I can achieve for my M9, I'm game... 

EX Kernel Manager under the download/update area reads "could not find compatible version"...have not seen this before. Thoughts? Running 3.10.84 kernel, fwiw.

+Aaron Segaert​ to your knowledge, should your kernel play nice with the latest Team Viper 5.0.0 rom update?

Hi, is there support for HTC M9 Base 3.42.708.3? So far there is only support for 3.35.401.12

Running most current ElementalX kernel but, my oh my, for choices of GPU governors in the EX Kernel Manager app; some I haven't even heard of. Thoughts on which one or two may be worth a run?

Rooted M9, S-Off.... Using EX Kernel manager and having used the ElementalX aroma installer etc I have chosen my i/o scheduler to be FIOPS. I am running newest Viper ROM 4.3.0 (it lets me pick read ahead size, I/O scheduler etc in their Venom tweaks section), I also have ROM toolbox Pro ( I was using the CPU profiles option) and No Frills CPU Control installed (lets me pick min/max clock frequencies, governor, I/O scheduler) .They all seem to give me access to I/O changes. I want FIOPS but throughout the day when I check my phone it reverts to SIO... Madness! Do I need to lose one of the above mentioned apps? To be clear, I am choosing what I want with a combination of the kernel's aroma installer and the kernel manager app but my choices change on me more often than not. I have NEVER made a conscious choice of SIO with any of these apps etc. Do I have too many cooks in the kitchen with these apps?

Running 4.00
Just realized there's 4.01 available. Can I just download .zip and install? No need to wipe anything etc? Aroma installer will take care of everything?

Flashed elementalx kernel on my T-Mobile HTC One m9 and it messed up my Wi-Fi and cellular connection. Help?
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