Can I use kernel
ElementalX-N5-8.14 in a caf rom ?

+Aaron Segaert​ What ROM nougat do you recommend to combine with Elementalx, which one do you use on your Nexus 5?

when i install elementalx kernel manager cracked in device why dont open ?

Im on the Nexus 5 and can anyone tell me which of the thermal throttling​ options was for better performance? Msm_thermal or core control?

Hi wondering if you have help me with ElementalX Kernel for Nexus 5 running on Nougat 7.1.2 AOSPExtended V4.0

HI! Please add option - Enable IPTables TTL in the config folllowing a user request

ElementalX-N5-6.27 and ElementalX-N5-6.17

Since the latest updates, the CPU governor value settings are keep changing. Even inset it to Elementalx, it defaults to NA. Can you please help look into.

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Can you guys confirm the battery life of this kernel with Nougat ROMs on Nexus 5? My battery is draining approximately 30% overnight on every kernel including ElementalX.
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Yep, it's draining!
Nope, it's just you!

Hi there.
I installed ElementalX kernel for Android Nougat in my Nexus 5 phone yesterday. When sleep condition, it is really helps reducing battery consumption significantly.
But this morning, I found that when my phone went into deep sleep, all the signal (wi-fi and telecom provider) also in inactive condition. I have to restart my phone. If it still happen, I have to wake it up manually by running one app that require internet data. By that, the signal is active again, and I can retrieve all the data I need. What is happening? Please help.

versión ElementalX para cm13.0 CAF? Por favor
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