Hi there, OnePlus 3 user.

Could you add "Disable Button LED when tapping on the screen" in your kernel manager? It's annoying when the LEDs are always on whenever I'm interacting with my device's touchscreen. They should turn on only when I'm pressing the hardware buttons. I can disable the button LEDs entirely, but it's not really optimal at night. Boeffla's kernel manager has this feature, so I'm sure the source is there - but I can't find it.

Thanks in advance! This concerns only custom ROMs since Oxygen OS already does this by default.

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Which is the best configuration of Ex kernel on oneplus 3t

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Why can't I change others clusters frenquencies? Oneplus 3T - Elemental X

Is there anything special needed for the 2.0.3 OnePlus3 kernel in terms of security patches etc? I had some strange issues particularly with flaky wifi, dropped back to 2.0.2 and everything is great again.

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Using one plus 3t lineage Oct is and the battery life is very bad..
In elemental x kernel I am doing something wrong ?..
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What's the battery drain/hour in battery monitor of EXKM on your devices? I'd love to know the values.

Hey there!

I flashed EX on my oOP3 with OOS 4.0.2. App works great, no real problem but there is no option for me to choose ElementalX as governor.

There are no errors displayed. Nothing seem to work wrong. No battery drain or wifi errors or stuff like that. I even have amazing results with akt.

But is it "wanted" or is there any reason I can't choose the governor? Just curious :)

Thanks a lot for your fantastic work! Keep going and take the time you need to make us happy with your great product ;)

Greetings from Germany

Hi. I would like to ask, will flashing this kernel on my OnePlus 3 affect the camera performance/quality in anyway? Camera is the reason I'm stuck on oxygen os. Thanks. 

Hey all. I've flashed ElementalX recently but I can't find any profiles for it. Does anybody have something?
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