Hello! After last update 4.05, in I/O scheduler I can't find the FIOPS and in TCP congestion network is missing a couple. Well, is not a tragedy but im just curios. Thanks!

Me causó error al instalar La actualización de 4.05 en mi Nexus 5x

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Hello !
Recently flashed ElementalX, and tested some cpu gov, but none of them gave me a significant improvement of battery life.
Can you give me some advice to get it please ?

I'm using Nexus 5X on 7.1.1 stock rom.
I'm not playing games with my phone, only facebook, snapchat, google chrome, google voice detection activated, maps ...
Activ drain goes like 23% and idle 2%... :-S

One of those cpu gov could be fine for my usage ?

Thx for helping !
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Hello, it is safe to install Android Nougat 7.1.2 latest release on Nexus 5x with Elemental (Kernel and application) and default settings? Is my phone going to be stable by doing it?


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I recently tried to play with CPU freqs
So now I can't change max CPU freq of my big kernel anymore. If I set it in the ex kernel manager app it just keeps going back to 633mhz.
Anyobody else experience this problem?
It is not because of thermal throttling. The phone is cool when I try to change this setting.

I already tried to reset the app settings. It did not reset this setting...

Hey guys just looking for some help with the Kernel. I'm using 4.04 and I've a few different kernels (Ghostpepper, glassfish, hawktail, butterfly, etc) but they all seem to put my WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to "Deep Sleep" after 10-20 minutes. I've put them to "not optimize" but that doesn't seem to have made a difference. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Currently on PureNexus.

Hello, can I flash elemental x in cosmic-os ROM with Android 7.1.1? How can I understand if I 'll risk something? Thanks

Nowadays, I'm using cpu gov "GlassFish 1.2" in order to have more battery and smoothness. I works perfectly I have to say, but I'm new in this community so I'll ask: is there another better cpu gov (for my needs)? I'm using Nexus 5x running PureNexus 7.1 based on Nougat.

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Can we flash EX3.10 on 7.1.1 stable?
If yes i will try it and i will see if i face again problems. Thank you Aaron!

Is elementalx kernel available for nexus 5X 7.1.1 DP2, can i flash 4.01 on 7.1.1 Dp2?
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