With the latest February patch
I still observed the Display Profile keep reset to stock
Anyone observing this?

Need a little help,how to get enable or disable touch boost option.Device nexus 6(custom rom),using pre January patch version of elementalx kernel.Much appreciated

Hey, could you please add a low brightness mode? My phone is already a death ray by default on your and the stock kernel (Motorola Nexus 6) I don't need a supernova mode thanks, (high brightness mode).

Is this kernel compatible with the latest 7.1.1 pure Nexus rom? 

Does D2W or sweep2wake causes any extra battery drain on shamu? Which one would you recommend?

I'm getting great battery life on my Nexus 6. Thank you!

+Aaron Segaert​ Hey, so I'm on the latest elemental kernel for Android 7.0 on PureNexus rom. I have a problem changing the max cpu. It is apparently locked on to 1728mhz. No matter what I do I cant change it past 1728mhz. I tried rebooting, reflashing kernel, wiping back to defaut through the ex kernel manager, but no luck. Please advise.

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Loving this kernel
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Guys i am on franco kernel and i want to install ex kernal so what process should i follow? 

Wich CPU governor do you guys run?
I would say interactive is a little bit snappier but elementalx is better for the battery life. 
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