How can I set the frequency for TOUCH BOOST in EXKM app? I have enabled TOUCH BOOST and gone under CPU BOOST OPTIONS and set the INPUT BOOST FREQUENCY to be 0:960000 1:0 2:0 3:0 4:0 5:0 6:0 7:0.

However still my LITTLE CPU jumps upto 1248Mhz upon touch. How can i bring it down to 960MhZ?

+Aaron Segaert​​ I'm using your amazing Kernel on Nexus 6p with interactive governor. I have noticing the CPU frequencies and what's weird is the LITTLE cores jump upto 1248MHz very frequently even though my touch boost frequency is 868MHz and the CPU load is around 5-10%. BOOST under GOVERNOR options is 0.

I'm not sure what's causing this jump to 1248Mhz. My target load says 1248 MHz on 80% load and the high freq frequency is 868 Mhz when the cpu load is 99%.

Can you please help me in learning about this odd behaviour?


Does kernel profiles actually do anything? It seems like, no matter which I choose, I get around 2 hours SOT and about 18 hours of standby time. I'm trying to gain more standby time but it doesn't seem to make any difference...

Hey guys, recently added this to my 6P, and wanted to know the best setup for everything is?
I'm running lineage os and basically want to know what tweaks for ALL (CPU, GPU, etc) will extend my battery without really loosing much performance.
Thanks in advance 😁

Is there a way to increase the volume of Bluetooth headset?

Best profile for battery life? Usage is snapchat, reddit, instagram, fenix, chrome, and discord. Only getting about 2.5-3 hours sot over about 8 hours on deadpool, darkspice, and hawktail. Could it be my settings? Or is there a better profile i could be using

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Hello guys, I'm new to elementalX, I want to know more about KSM and the impact that might have on my OS, I'm currently on PureNexus, is there any guide, to tell me the pros and cons?? 

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Why it keeps saying that? I have installed Pure Nexus latest build clean and after that flashed EX kernel.

When I try to change profile my settings don't stick and my little cores are always pushed to the max no matter which profile I use. Any help? Sorry if this has been asked multiple times but looking on Google doesn't give many results.

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43 hours on battery with the Heimdall profile. Super efficient!

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Hey +Aaron Segaert

i am facing that the 2% drop bug in battery allready exist...
maybe this commit could fix this?

and this stuff with power_efficient workqueue....and i think you know what i mean,and where you can find them ;-)if you want to add them

thanks in advance

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