Hi. Can you add support to modify values of process_reclaim tuneables? It's used in almost every phone running Linux 3.10 and above, so i think it's fair to be implemented in the app. :D thank you! 

There's definitely a bug with EXKM. The vibration bar is there when you first install it but if you close the app and reopen it it disappears. Clearing the data or reinstalling the app works once, but then it disappears again.

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Hey +Aaron Segaert
I like the new style from exkm... Thanks a lot...
But why there is just one vibration slider? Where's the second?

What do you think is the best ElementalX profile for Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and Facebook on a Nexus 6P. My whole day revolves around these 3 apps and well, they're battery drainers. 

Feature request: Quick Settings tile for HBM

+Aaron Segaert​ I have been using exkm for the past few months now. I have encountered several bugs in the app that may be you can fix in the next release.

Major Bugs:

* Kernel profiles often times persist through reboot (it's not soft reboot). This is scary! If the profile is messed up, it can screw the device even from booting up.

* Battery monitor often times doesn't refresh after reboot.

Minor bugs:

* Navigation through fragments needs rework. Sometimes the navigation drawer doesn't open the fragment I tap on. Unless i press back button and go to main screen, the navigation drawer doesn't work.

* Saving profiles doesn't save the input boost settings.

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hi man. do you plan to bypass the ipa_ws in EXkernel manager for HTC10? been eating my battery since day 1. 

Hi, can I flash elementalx on my rooted Huawei p9 plus? Thanks. 

Hi Aaron,

I've updated to the latest EX Kernel Manager but it seems that it crashes for the Shield Tablet K1.

Using stock nVIDIA ROM 1.5 (Android 6.0.1 July 2016 Patch) with BitO's custom kernel and Magisk v10.2 root.

I'm not sure if this affects any devices with the ARM7a/b architecture.


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