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EX Kernel Manager
Premium kernel manager with the most features and best design.  It is highly recommended for users of the ElementalX kernel (and works with other kernels too).  A great way to support ongoing development of ElementalX kernels.

Since the latest updates, the CPU governor value settings are keep changing. Even inset it to Elementalx, it defaults to NA. Can you please help look into. 

Hi. Can you add support to modify values of process_reclaim tuneables? It's used in almost every phone running Linux 3.10 and above, so i think it's fair to be implemented in the app. :D thank you! 

Unfortunately your app dev check isn't no more showing cpu temperatures. Don't know why. Any suggestions? Only when using your kernel, all other kernels aren't showing cpu temperature properly. As a you can see on the pic, it's showing only NA. 

Hola a todos en la comunidad!!

Primero, quiero felicitarlos! ElementalX kernel funciona de maravilla en el MotoG4 Plus (XT 1641) con nougat, y soluciona el problema de la pantalla fantasma, algo de lo que sufrimos los usuarios con este dispositivo. Hacen un excelente trabajo, sigan así! 👍

Quisiera hacer una sugerencia para las próximas actualizaciones:

Yo utilizo audífonos Bluetooth con el reproductor de medios poweramp. Pero los audífonos no se escuchan muy duro para mi gusto, entonces buscando entre las opciones de EXKernel en el apartado de sonido, hay una opción que sirve para subir el volumen de los audífonos, pero solo funciona con los audífonos conectados, mas no con Bluetooth..

No habrá alguna forma de subir el volumen predeterminado en los audífonos Bluetooth? Si es así, estaré agradecido de que me ayudaran con este tema. 👍

Muchas gracias de antemano y éxitos a todos!

There's definitely a bug with EXKM. The vibration bar is there when you first install it but if you close the app and reopen it it disappears. Clearing the data or reinstalling the app works once, but then it disappears again.

Hi there, OnePlus 3 user.

Could you add "Disable Button LED when tapping on the screen" in your kernel manager? It's annoying when the LEDs are always on whenever I'm interacting with my device's touchscreen. They should turn on only when I'm pressing the hardware buttons. I can disable the button LEDs entirely, but it's not really optimal at night. Boeffla's kernel manager has this feature, so I'm sure the source is there - but I can't find it.

Thanks in advance! This concerns only custom ROMs since Oxygen OS already does this by default.

CC: +Aaron Segaert

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Hey +Aaron Segaert
I like the new style from exkm... Thanks a lot...
But why there is just one vibration slider? Where's the second?

How can I set the frequency for TOUCH BOOST in EXKM app? I have enabled TOUCH BOOST and gone under CPU BOOST OPTIONS and set the INPUT BOOST FREQUENCY to be 0:960000 1:0 2:0 3:0 4:0 5:0 6:0 7:0.

However still my LITTLE CPU jumps upto 1248Mhz upon touch. How can i bring it down to 960MhZ?

What do you think is the best ElementalX profile for Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and Facebook on a Nexus 6P. My whole day revolves around these 3 apps and well, they're battery drainers. 
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