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EX Kernel Manager
Premium kernel manager with the most features and best design.  It is highly recommended for users of the ElementalX kernel (and works with other kernels too).  A great way to support ongoing development of ElementalX kernels.

I'm using the EX kernel manager on my rooted Pixel 2XL. I have noticed that the swipe up to wake gesture appears to only work until I reboot the device. I have ticked "apply on boot" but yet when the reboot occurs, I need to go into the app again and set it up. I've tried with both the latest elemental kernel and flash kernel and the same thing. I'm rooted with magisk 17.1 beta and have tried a clean flash of the latest image as well.

Hi, I just brought Ex Kernel Manager and I seen an update at ElementalX (ElementalX-S9-1.11).
I'm using a Samsung galaxy s9 with ElementalX 1.07, after i updated to the latest version my camera just stopped working, not even iris scanner is working, I had to install again the 1.07 version to fix my camera.
So, is the camera service stopped in this kernel?
Optional: Is there any way to activate my UMS(Usb Mass Storage, or this kernel doesn't support it?
I'm using the stock version of android 8.0.0.

Hey, I have a custom profile for Color control in Ex Kernel Manager. I also use the Digital Wellbeing on my Pixel 2. So when the colors change from Grayscale to Normal, the custom profile in the Manager doesnt kick in. I have to go to the APp and enable it everytime. Is this something USual ?. Thanks

Hi flar2,

with the latest ExKernel Manager released today(?) I noticed that the Color Profile is reset to Stock Values every time I restart the Device (Pixel 2 XL, Android Pie latest Sec Patch, Flash Kernel). I have to configure it again after every restart.

And also since I'm writing this I will take the opportunity to mention another thing. Since from the beginning the Pixel 2 XL had the Problem that the Color Profile would only get applied when opening the Graphics Tab and clicking on advanced. The Toast would say before that the Options have been set after a reboot but the color was still stock. I think this has been mentioned on XDA also a few times.

Thanks for taking the time to answer in advance, and please do tell me if I can help in any way :)

I hope you guys are all well! I want to thanks the developer for this awesome kernel application it works flawlessly on my mido device and it supports my custom kernel well. Any plans for future release? Anything new to see?

Thanks again in advance

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Hi. When i reboot my Nexus 5x(6.07), settings, like CPU freq, grafics and memory reset to default. I dont understand why.
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On OnePlus 6 is there an option to boost vibration or is it coming?

On OnePlus 6 custom ROM, I flashed the kernel successfully but WiFi got disabled. When I switch it on, it switches itself off. I reset network settings but that doesn't work.
Is there something I missed?
Thanks for the help.

OK. Quick question here. I'm trying to disable ipv6 at the kernel level. I'm on android 7.1 with this particular device. Setting disable_ipv6 in proc just resets the WiFi and leaves me with no internet. I magically had it working somehow once but couldn't reproduce what I did.

I think just disabling it at the kernel level is the ultimate solution here. How can I pass arguments at boot? Or does your source have all the necessary options set to just compile out of the box?

Sorry. Odd question I know.
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