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Hello there. You all know me As Zhao. I'm a Hafu (Half Japanese&Half Taiwanese) i Have decided to make this a community for all Friend Codes.

It doesn't have to be 3DS Friend codes you can post Nintendo Switch codes, PSN and Xbox Gamertags and Steam Tags. I will update some of the catagories too. Even add a new section for general talk.

I am dearly sorry for not being good admin and being active. I've been very busy with life. But i swear things will be going better. And please promote this community! Arigato!

I just picked up my game again ,and was wondering if anyone wanted to play. Im a lvl. 138 creator paladin, hunter, and mage. I have unlocked every life up to at least the third level.

can anyone play tomorrow fc 083421849758 name hayden

I can play today bostonology

hey anyone wanna play fantasy life tomorrow? I'm free almost all day tomorrow. i don't have dlc

im only level 21. I need people to play with fc: 083421849758 name hayden

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Hi, i need help getting a rainbow feather for a rogue dagger, if you have a spare pls tell me, my FC is 3669-0207-0763

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Need some stardust linen and starry beams, anyone willing to share some??

With dlc


Can anyone help me defeat a gale wraith in fantasy life?

Hello, is anyone still playing Fantasy Life? I've started a new save file since I haven't played the game for a long time. Just finished the story and doing origin island story at the moment. I can be on most days from 12pm - 4pm EST sometimes later. Friend Code is 5043-1920-1981.
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