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Mes premières queues d'arondes, elles sont mal réparties et mal proportionnées... mais je me suis vraiment régalé avec ce travail avec des outils a main... C'est un assemblage très esthétique...

My first dovetails, they are badly distributed and badly proportioned… but I really enjoyed myself with this work with handtools… It is an aesthetic assembly…

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A small very simple jig to make yourself your stoppers to hide the holes left by the use of the boring kreg jig. It can be used as well has the band saw as with the hand saw.
Un petit gabarit tout simple pour faire soi même ses bouchons pour cacher les trous laissés par l'utilisation du gabarit de perçage kreg. Il peut etre utilisé aussi bien a la scie a ruban qu'à la scie a main.

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Easy to build this dowels jig

Très facile a construire ce gabarit a tourillons

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homemade shoulder plane with an old chisel and recycled wood.
Rabot guillaume fait maison avec un vieux ciseau a bois et un morceau de bois de récup'

Hello my name is Simon
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Finsa by Envisions:

Twelve designers from different disciplines are currently experimenting with semi-manufactured Finsa products, such as MDF, hardboard panels and melamine panels, which offer surprising and innovative uses.

Often used by architects and furniture manufacturers, how will they be interpreted and used by a fashion designer, a photographer, a surface designer or a graphic designer?
But it's not just the products that are subject to experimentation: it's also the raw materials and the production process itself, which members of the Envisions group have seen first hand.

"We immersed ourselves in the Finsa process and have got to know their vision and their experience. They showed us 3 of their factories and demonstrated many of the possibilities of their manufacturing process and their materials.

Bom dia Pessoal, minha primeira postagem no grupo e desde já desejando a todos uma Feliz Pascoa, aproveito para divulgar meu blog onde disponibilizo gratuitamente, projetos de marcenaria:
Ah! E se falando em madeira...
visitem e comentem

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A small project quite simple to make realize by children with very few tools and not dangerous of the whole has to realize has to leave a simple wooden tray. Ideal to occupy them a small moment during hollidays 
un petit projet tout simple à faire réaliser par des enfants avec très peu d'outils et pas dangereux du tout a réaliser a partir d'une simple cagette en bois . Idéal pour les occuper un petit moment pendant les vacances.

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A friend hunter required of me to fix these wood of roe-deer on a piece of wood. I told him Ok, but it brought back a slice of cade ( Mediterranean juniper) cutting with a chainsaw.
Then it was necessary me to improvise this small jig to be able “to plane” this slice…
(where I live, a cade of this diameter is very rare, it had more than one hundred years, it was not cut purposely, but it comes from a parcel which burned a few years ago…)

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