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Your +Vegan Fallacy Is NEEDS Translators!

Would you like to help spread the vegan message to cultures all over the world? If so, the Your +Vegan Fallacy Is project, at, would love to chat with you!

As you might well imagine, there's quite a bit of effort involved in getting the translations up to speed. In addition to the thirty (or so) fallacies already up on the site, we're rolling out one new one every other week. After that, there's the text for the site itself. This includes the site header and the other various bits of text and labels, and also the five "user help" pages (e.g. About Us, Support Us, etc.). We've also been translating resource memes and pictures on the site in to various languages. However, don't let all this daunt you: all of the text for these are well delineated on shared google spreadsheets that are easy to get to and work with, I promise!

In particular, we're looking for volunteers who:

* already presently self identify as vegan;

* natively speak (and write) a language where vegan advocacy is needed (i.e. all of them -- English included!);

* have completed some level of university level education or have done some manner of professional translation work in their past (i.e. because we want to maintain an erudite tone throughout the site in all languages).

If this seems like a good match for you, then we'll be thrilled to have you on the team. Alternatively, there's work to be done fleshing out the details for upcoming fallacies (we have around a hundred of them in the queue). In any case, to get started on things, all you need do is create an account on the YVFI site at and we'll reach out to you to arrange a good time for a private google hangout to show all this to you; of possible interest, we're in the ADT timezone (i.e. Nova Scotia; GMT-3), but we're pretty flexible on this end, and we've been successfully working with people all over the world on this, so I'm confident we could figure out a schedule that works well for all. =oD

So what are you waiting for?! Drop us a line!

#yvfi #vegan #fallacy #volunteer

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So +A Harmless Project is pretty nifty: she's an all vegan fashion reviewer who's trendy, stylish, and funzy to boot. You can find (and subscribe to) her channel at:

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FALLACY: "Vegan Parenting Is Brainwashing"

It must surely be a form of child abuse to instill your own values in your child... Right?!

Of course, parents are responsible for the physical well-being of their children, and they are also responsible for providing ethical guidance. Evidence shows that a plant-based diet is healthy for people of all life stages, including children, so vegan parents are following appropriate nutritional guidelines. Veganism is the philosophical position that using animals for human benefit is unethical, so vegan parents are simply teaching their children compassion through veganism, much as any parent might teach a child to be kind.

These ideas are addressed further on the Your Vegan Fallacy Is site at along with responses by +Marla Rose (a.k.a. the "Vegan Feminist Agitator"), +Bite Size Vegan, +Vegan Street, +Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, +Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran, +YouHippies, +Vegan Sidekick, and +Skool of Vegan.

#children #brainwashing #yvfi #vegan #fallacy


The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is a community-driven effort dedicated to correcting misconceptions about veganism in approachable and unambiguous ways. If you're vegan and you'd like to see the site in your mothertongue (or to help out with the ongoing work in the existing languages), or if you'd like to volunteer your skills as an artist, writer, or resource curator, then read more about how you can help at

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Black Bean Chili! :D
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Your Vegan Fallacy Is Needs Translators To Hungarian!

We're eager to start translating the site in to Hungarian, but first we're need native (vegan) speakers to join the team and help us reach our goal of being accessible to all Hungarian speakers.

This site is a resource for both vegans and pre-vegans for use in understanding and addressing common fallacies about veganism. There are presently fourteen fallacies addressed on the site, and we're adding a new one every two weeks or so.

Are you interested in helping us out? All we ask is that you be vegan yourself, and that you're a native Hungarian speaker, and that you have some higher level formal education in that language. The reasons for this are that all the work on the site is by people who are themselves vegan (in order to preserve the focus of the site's message), and because we wish to ensure that the language on the site is grammatically correct for all languages.

To volunteer, just create your account at From there, we'll touch base and discuss how best we can all work together! =o)

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Vegansk sushi i Stockholm
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