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I attack entire population with someone else's attack.

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Full name: John Ezekiel Monclair

Nickname: Black Hat

Species: Human vampire hybrid

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Type: Former Creed turned into a human vampire hybrid.

Personality: When he was a Creed, he was sweet, caring, kind.

Now he is cold, cruel, seductive, short tempered, impatient and impulsive.

Abilities: combat, strength, speed.

Bio: John was six when his family was mudered by vampires.

Some mysterious people took him and trained him to be a Creed.

When he was 20, he met a beautiful woman named Natasha, she was a local.

The two fell in love with each other, they thought they would never part.

Until the day came.... a certain mission caused John to be captured by the vampires.

His teammates thought he died...

But he wasn't dead... he was turned into a human vampire hybrid.

Now he is planning on taking
down the Creeds and mankind.

Appearance: the first two pics are what he looked like when he was a Creed, the last two are what he looks like now as a human vampire. 
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Hi, I am BlackHatsnsd.

I just joined this community and I was wondering if I can rp as a fallen Creed.

From BlackHatsnsd. (¤♡¤)

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Okay everyone! We all have that amazing character description stuck in our head, but sometimes we just can't get it out on the page. So for a small fee ($5.00) I'll write or rewrite your characters description for you.
Any style, any setting, you provide the basics and I'll make your character shine!

+Leon Tropian I know this is random but CALM DOWN! Naomi isn't gone for good! I know this and whats going on because I'm her friend in rl. She'll come back in the summer. She's worried sick about you, so CALM DOWN SHE'LL COME BACK!......Thank you....

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Name: Lisuna Marie Nightshade. (Goes by Lynn)
Species: Human 
Age: 18
Height: 5' 5" 
Weapons:   Two holy swords, made out of crystal, They can combine together to make one giant sword but she usually just leaves them as two. Unless there is a really big beast.... she keeps a silver knife handy incase she confronts werewolves. She also has a few knives hidden in her boot. Who said you could have to many knives?
Interesting skills:  she excels at lock picking  no matter what kind of lock it is. If it's a lock she can't pick well there's always other solutions to getting what she wants.
Personality: Very charismatic and very clever. She can usually talk her way out of almost anything, which comes in handy because she's quite reckless, and often doesn't think of the consequences to anything. She's also very stubborn, and if you get in her way she's not afraid to hurt you.  Although she's very charming she usually keeps to her self, she really hates when people worry about her.
Bio: Well the main reason she joined the Holy Creed was to get revenge for her parents, who were killed by demons when she was 12. She barely lived that day, and since then she swore to kill whatever killed her parents. The necklace she wears serves as a reminder of that day. When she's not killing demons she's trying to achieve her dream of becoming a singer, but killing demons is her top priority.  

Mazael sighed softly walking through the brightly lit city streets, unlike the weakling vampires now a days sunlight didn't hurt him, albeit true it made him uncomfortable and he much preferred the darkness it didn't really bother him. "Ahhh, all these little humans wandering about their lives aimlessly, no true goal in life but to die, I'll be sure to speed them along eventually but for now I'm rather content to watch" He thought to himself with a smirk as he gracefully strode through the streets, his dark and dapper looking clothing standing out among the 'peasants', well that's what he called them any way.

Name: Ryan Smith.
Gender: Male.
Species: Human.
Age: 16.
Height: 6'1
Weapons: Holy Katana. The katana is about 4 foot long and is imbued with holy powers. At the very touch, it will burn anything deemed unholy. Ie, Werewolves, vampires, demons, and more. The male also has a machine pistol, U.D., Unholy Destroyer. It shreds through enemies with ease. It, for a machine pistol, holds a lot of ammo per clip. He dabbles in Holy Powers, but not much. 
Appearance: The male has light brown, clean-cut hair. His eyes are icy blue. He has no real facial blemishes other than the scar by his left eye. It goes about an inch above his eye and runs an inch below, but never actually crosses it. He has a black tattooed cross on his right arm, serving as his charging station and power amplifier.
Clothes: The boy wears white and grey Reeboks. He wears regular blue jeans with a hole in each knee. They're not necessarily a fashion statement, just some holes that he hasn't bothered patching. He wears a light grey jacket with dark and light blue stripes on it, making it almost look like they're grey stripes. Over his heart is a blue skull and cross bones. He typically wears an Under-Armour hat that's red plaid on one said and completely black on the other. It has a red Under-Armour sign in the middle.
Bio: Ryan is aggressive and cold to outsiders, but anyone who knows him knows he's a really reliable friend. His only actual friend is a fellow member of the Creed, Nikolas. Though they both act the same to strangers, they work really well together. Ryan does help with other things, but mainly he's on the road, trying to get one upper-class demon that killed his family. He'll go to any measure to see this demon dead, but doesn't like to see innocent people get harmed. Ryan doesn't really like doing missions with other people. In fact, he doesn't really like interacting with people at all. He's very smart and loyal. He will even sacrifice his own life to save others. It would be a wise choice to try to get on his good side, but that won't be an easy feat. 

So, I can play a Fallen?

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(Same guy just imagine more military things on him though)
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