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Does it not say in rev.chapter 16 that these days will come to pass???

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This child is extraordinary and awake
A note:
When I was on Prince Edward Island I thought I found home with the red sand sand dunes and a day which the Solar Eclipse happened.
I even found a strange landmark I somehow knew ???
Cool strange world .
I'm happy this child was born awakened by , The Hathor's of earth and the Akash is his memory's gift...wonderful 🐈🐈🐈
A son / sun

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I just found out why this worked for me but most people said it didn't work. It's because I shared it to a community. So I was amazed, but then everyone was like "I don't get it", and I didn't understand why until I wanted to see it again, so I shared it again, this time to Public, and it didn't happen that time, so I shared it privately with a friend of mine and still nothing happened, then all it made sense. I read the comments on the original post, and most of the people were unimpressed but a few were all "Oh My God!!!" because most of them were sharing it publicly and privately, and it doesn't work if you do that. So you know that now.


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My son's  playing on the children's playground, sliding down the slide and we're just having fun, but his mom's seeing horrible things. 
So check out what she's seeing and I hope you will enjoy it.
#dadandsonvideo #familywalkthroughs #FatherandSon #kids #children #father #mother #parents #mom #dad
#childrensplayground #howmomseesthings #playingwithson #slidingdowntheslide

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Recently my son and me watched Zach King vines. And we were so impressed, like "wow how he's doing it, it's like magic or what". And guess what happened yesterday. My son learned some Zach King magic and pull the small car out of our laptop. I have no idea how he did that, but I now what he'll pull out for his dad next)
#ZachKing #KidMagician #Magician #ZachKingParody #SonandDad #Father #Son

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So this video is a little parody of Youtube Rewind 2015 and Reaction to Youtube Rewind which is made in our style. It includes holographic screen and Shia LaBeouf with his legendary speech "Just do it". My sons reaction is awesome. By the way in original video he was dancing to the music from Youtube Rewind but I can't upload that one because of copyrighting. Anyway I think our parody came out funny. So what do you think? Write your opinions in comments.
#YoutubeRewind #RewindParody #HolographicScreen #JustDoIt #DancingKid 
#SonandDad #Son #Dad
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