Looking for a pred for cock vore! If you want to do any other vore, ask first, I may still be willing! By the way, I'm an unwilling prey, willing to be either gender

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~Holiday themed vore RP!!~

|You are an attractive Neko boy.
This will be nonfatal oral full tour No scat.
There will also be c*ck vore and 18 themes, you can be normal, femboy or trap. I'm prey.|

~Choose your holiday~

1) You lived alone by yourself next door to this cute girl you had a huge crush on. You also were into vore as well and you only like eating humans. You didn't mind since you weren't human anyway. Thanksgiving was around the corner and you were also moving soon as well so you were thinking of what to do and where to go. You didn't want to leave your crush though. So you came up with a plan. You decided to invite her over since her parents were working this weekend and feed her a nice big meal then have yourself one as well.~

2)It's Christmas and you have been wanting a new toy to play with. You had talked to your brother what you had wanted and he eventually got you a big box. You unfortunately had to work on Christmas so you took all your gifts and kept them at your house till later. You came home and opened all of them. The last gift turned out to be a cute girl who seemed abnormally short.

3) You and a cute girl who had a crush on you named Quin were going trick or treating for Halloween even though you thought you were getting too old for it. You both had ate you candy and were laying in a graveyard. Quin was stuff but you were still pretty hungry. You looked at you back and noticed Quin could fit in there.

4) Birthday about the same as Christmas except it's your birthday.

5) Valentine's day (make up your own scenario)

6) Free choice idea.

I'm using Quin Ruby for all these so if you want an idea of what she is like check my profile.

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BxB (b=boy) Vore Rp? Ill be prey im good with any vore. No scat. Descriptive. 18+ .

scenario: Vincent's (my character) parents owe you over a fortune which they can't pay back. Instead of taking away everything you own you took their son instead. You can be a neko kitsune or incubus. You can be normal, a femboy or a trap.
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Im looking for a pred.
Oh erm......this is a bit awkward to ask..
-/////- at least for (lol I'm so innocent) but does anyone wanna do a nonfatal c*ck Vore rp with one of my characters as prey? And can we have a bit of a storyline to it. Like perhaps a student finds out one of their teachers isn't human and now the teacher makes them their vore slave.

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RP anyone?
Hmm? Anyone wanna be my pet cat /monster/ thing and let me feed you humans~

Male pred needed.
Half size vore.
Don't digest or kill 'my' character.
No scat
My character can be male or female.
pp if interested. You must be at least a little descriptive.
You are allowed to shrink me if you change me back to normal
Any vore okay as long as it meets the rules
18+ allowed
The monster looks like the one bellow. You can add any special things about him if you want. Like maybe a pouch or something

Scenario: I was just a young girl about 17 and didn't know much about creatures that lived in the forbidden catacombs. I was dared to by kids my age that would often bully me. I had to go down to the lowest level of them. That's where I found you. You were and ancient immortal being said have a taste for humans and humans alone. You had been see led away by a sorcerer. I somehow broke the seal and released you. You wanted to eat me until I told you I would find someone else for you to eat.

I basically made you a starter. Just re share this to me with a response to start.


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RP Scenario, 18+ incubus/Succubus needed. No scat, death or digestion. Comment and I'll send a pp.

You see a little Neko girl no bigger than a foot tall.

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Pounce on her and shove her in your maw
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Sit on her.
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Cuddle her
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Thanks :3

Anyone want to rp endless vore me as pred

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N: A lovely small Neko female with silky black hair dragged a small cute Neko male with her Anyone have ocs looking for a sweet little boyfriend that they can gobble up?
Dan: The dirty blonde Neko male N dragged with her N!! Stop trying to find me a date!! Blushes harshly

N: But Dan your so lonely! So how about this preds. Why not have a two for one deal. Take Dan out on a date and you can eat me too. But you need to let me go after awhile okay!^^

No digesting of killing us.
Any vore is welcome but no scat.
18+ allowed .
Dan would prefer a male date but a female date is okay.
The first few pictures are Dan but the last is N
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