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B2B Social Media Marketing: Why quality relationship matters

We spoke to Carmudi's global social media manager to learn her approach towards B2B marketing in the new normal.

According to Alba Marquez: "Before you start engaging with your audience in social media you need to remember:

• Be clear and coherent about the channels you want to use and make sure those fits your brand. Don’t be in all social networks for the sake of being present. Not all Social Media channels are right for your business.

• Set clear goals and objectives.

• Spend time creating a documented Social Media strategy and plan your activity way ahead to deliver that strategy."

Read it all here:

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*16 Types Of Facebook Users *
Are you Agree??? Put your comments if you have another type of facebook users...Lets see more....

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43 Penguin Friendly SEO Tips For Page One Google Rankings

#SEO #Tips #Google #Rankings #Website

On and Off Page Optimization

- Things to Stop working on
- Things to Focus on

For detailed information about this, click here:
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Jeff Teng

Search Engine Optimization Tips  - 
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Twenty-Six Tips for Improving Your Social Media Marketing!
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26 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Marketing

By Debbie Hemley

Does your social media need a boost?

Do you want to add something to your online marketing?

Trying new things can be fun and refreshing, for both you and your audience.

In this article we’ll share 26 ways, an A-Z guide, to improve your social media efforts. -Kim

#socialmediamarketing #smexaminer
Does your social media marketing need a boost? This article shares 26 ways, an A-Z guide, to improve your social media efforts.
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Evolution of the Hashtag! (and social media hashtag etiquette tips)
See the complete and larger image here:
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Origin Of The Hashtag In Social Media - infographic

NumberSign, PoundSign, Hash, CrossHatch, Hashtag, Octothorpe, Tictactoe... Which name do your prefer?

Hashtags are now one of the most popular methods for jumping into online topics and conversations. This little punctuation mark has become the face of online tagging. Many people know it as being popularized by Twitter, but where was it before it made its big break?

Take a look at the below #infographic from +Wrike that illustrates the life and growth of the Hashtag, sites that support #hashtagging, and how hashtags are used today.

Key takeaway:

Since their invention, #Hashtags have taken on a life their own. They now have various uses is #socialmedia, for example, in conferences and events, Twitter chats, social activism, etc.

So the prevalent question is: How do we maintain proper hashtag etiquette? For Twitter, most people say that once you have included 2-3 hashtags in your tweet, you have reached your limit. Anything more is just annoying.

One the flip-side, #Instagram pictures frequently include upwards of 10 hashtags, and no one bats an eyelash.

Every medium has different social rules, just as different dinner parties require different attire. Don't be that guy (or gal) that shows up to the black tie party in jeans. Do your research before you post and you'll have the most enviable hashtag skills around.

See the complete and larger image here:
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Google Search & Dynamic Semantic Clusters! - "...The way people come across individual pages of your site is NOT in the context of your site, but as part of a semantic cluster of several sites surfaced to them by #Google, by social contacts, by automated aggregators" ...Read more:
#semanticsearch   #seo   #websites   #tech  
Dynamic Semantic Clusters: Your Site Is So Not All That
So much brilliance in this post surfaced today by +Vincent Messina that I ought to send him a cash finder's fee.
Worth your slow read here, but the tl;dr is that thinking that people come to your website and read it like a novel is an illusion. You have to understand that the way people come across individual pages of your site is NOT in the context of your site, but as part of a semantic cluster of several sites surfaced to them by Google, by social contacts, by automated aggregators such as +Flipboard, or many other means. 
There are two kinds of stories that we are telling when we create a website this way. There is the story we are attempting to tell the reader — a story that all too often depends on the fiction that the reader is visiting our website the way they would once have read a book or perused a catalogue. The second, and more insidious, is the story we are telling ourselves: the fiction that we can create an isolated world in which the reader will have the experience that we design for them, unadulterated by anyone else’s content.
Read the whole post to find out how understanding Dynamic Semantic Clusters should change your site and content strategies.
#seo #contentmarketing #plusonly
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11 Google Tools You Should Be Using To Improve Your Business Marketing
Are you looking for ways to improve your online marketing strategy? Would you like some tools to help you along the way? Click to Learn!
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Google+ Adding Pinterest-like "Collections" Feature In Early May? - Create themed “collections” of interests: photos, links, videos; follow other users’ collections!
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Google+ is testing a new “Collections” feature - this might be very Pinteresting...

A new feature called Collections is reportedly coming soon to Google+.

(sources: +Droid Life and +Android Police

It looks like the feature wants Google+ users to create themed “collections” of their interests: photos, links, and videos, or follow other users’ collections.

In a way, it's like Pinterest meeting a micro-blogging platform. 

Collections should be available on mobile and the web when it launches. When might it be? According to +Android Police source: 

"Since publishing this story, we've learned that Google apparently plans to release Collections in early May."

If that, indeed, is true, we should hear more on that shortly.

#googleplus   #socialmediamarketing   #marketingnews  

More marketing news:
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Search Engine Optimization Tips  - 
Keeping your Site Fast for Mobile-Friendly
With the new mobile friendly update rolling out and everyone still going a little crazy over mobile websites it is important to ensure that if you already have one that you keep it optimised to keep or even gain rankings in the mobile search.

Site speed is one of the most over looked factor in SEO as web master update their content and designs but most forget to re-optimise the speed. Here a great MOZ article on increasing your site speed:

#seo   #seotips2015   #sitespeed  
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What Is Citation Building And How To Use It For SEO

Internet is a vast and infinite repository of data where a single keywords returns you millions of search results. With each passing day businesses are booming and numbers of brands are increasing. This increase has resulted in a situation where many brands and businesses are named similarly. So the question arises how to look for a specific business and how to make sure that it is the one you are looking for.

Citation building comes to our rescue in a situation like this. Technically speaking citation is an exact reference to your work or business around the internet and it gives the accurate and correct information about your business and the servicesyou are providing based on the location specific search results.

#SEO #Citation #Tips #Searchengine

Read here for more information about this Citation Building:  
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Discover four ways to optimize #SEO with #LinkedIn and #SlideShare  
Do you use LinkedIn or SlideShare for your business? In this article you'll discover four ways to optimize SEO with LinkedIn and SlideShare.
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Happy Monday everyone! Have you been to see our new website yet? 
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Technology News

Semantic Search / Web / SEO  - 
Semantic Search Tips!
#seo   #semanticsearch   #semanticseo   #google  
Zenmantic Search - My Book Review SEO HELP : 20 Semantic Search Steps That Will Help Your Business Grow from +David Amerland

From the book:

Step 5 - Content,
Ten Decisions You Have to Make as a Blogger,
Point 7 - Be Controvorsial,
... If you do truly feel strongly about a subject and have the evidence to back it up, then have the guts to write about it.


The branding of a company on the Web is not limited only to its website as a "message in a bottle thrown into the sea", which, with any luck, maybe found by someone who will read ...

That said, there is an alternative that couldn't be more Zen to manage Semantic Search Steps for an efficient digital identity :

Added Value n°1 to locate and adjust:

1 book, 20 Semanitc Search Steps in order to help you first “spot on the sea of the internet' and 1 Map, yes, a Mind Map exactly I created and you can download for free (no subscription nor email requested), to help you locate strengths and weaknesses as an audit and to arbitrate the efforts required by the objectives set for any organization as a project plan (or to-do list).

All of this is absolutely doable and the main purpose of David Amerland's book, which clearly illustrates the magnitude of the subject; how to “locate your boat and adjust the sails” to bring it to the destination you have set, the whole step by step process required to realistically reach port.

Added Value n°2 to visualize further gains:

A book that helps entrepreneurs : I proceeded to overlay the 5 first steps of his book on a Visual and Universal Business Model Canvas (with scheme and video) in order to better think and better communicate assumptions when (re)designing a product or a service with these new elements.

Whether for a new business or an existing organization, it can help detect new possibilities in terms of channels of relationships for different customer and partner segments, and of distribution of its offer with positive impact on cost structure and revenue streams ...

This is actually a very good tool because David's book gives me the items I miss to define relationships with more confidence, to establish the actions, the editorial line thus the corresponding digital means to the nature of my projects and my ambitions, while measuring my progress and the results they produce.

Read the whole thing here (and don’t miss the “serendipitous end", isn't it David?:) >

#SemanticSearch   #SEOHelp   #WebDesign   #DigitalIdentity   #MindMapping   #BusinessModel   #WiredStork  
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Sunday Social Media Humor!
#socialmedia   #humor  
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Google+ Tips  - 
How Google+ +1's Can Indirectly Cause Search Results to Improve!
#googleplus   #seo  
How Can Google +1 Improve Search Results?

Applying the principles of Indirect Causation, there are three (3) possible actions that can be taken on a Google+ Link post, to increase the number of +1s it receives.

That said ...

Given what the Indirect Causation theory suggests, these actions - including G+ interaction, engagement and subsequent +1s, could make meaningful contributions that improve Google search rankings.

#googlesearch   #socialmedia   #questionoftheday   #questions
Here are 3 possible actions your audience can take on a post to increase the engagement it receives, and indirectly cause Google search rankings to improve.
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+1, comment & share... Great article. Will keep this in mind. 
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Best Free WordPress Plugins For Mobile Websites - Looking good on phones, tablets, and bigger stuff too, with as little code as possible!
#mobileseo   #websites   #mobilefriendly   #wordpress   #seo   #smartphones  
The Best Free WordPress Plugins For Mobile Websites
Discover how to get your site looking good on phones, tablets, and bigger stuff too, with as little code as possible.

>>> <<<
#mobilewebsite #wordpress #userexperience
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6 Best Practices for Social Media Success
Social Media is now part of almost every decent marketing strategy, that is a fact. And social media are here to stay as their userbase keeps on growing year after year (+68% in 2015). So it has become crucial for marketers to understand and leverage social nmedia the right way.
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Will You Pay $1 - $15 Monthly To See Fewer Ads When You Browse the Web?
#google   #contributor   #ads  
Contributor by Google is now live in beta

Contributor by Google, "an experiment in additional ways to fund the web", was first announced in November of last year ( is now live in beta, invite-only. 

The idea behind it is this: you pay to see fewer ads. The more you pay (between $1 and $15 a month), the fewer ads you see at participating websites.

How it works:

1. Choose a monthly contribution.

From $1-15, you set your monthly amount. The more you contribute, the more you support the websites you visit.

2. Visit participating sites.

When you visit a participating website, part of your contribution goes to the creators of that site.

As a reminder of your support, you’ll see a thank you message - or a cute cat picture - where you might normally see an ad.

That's it.

If you want to be a part of it, request an invitation here:

You can also learn more about it at +Droid Life (the gif below is from that post)


More marketing news:
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Twitter introduces Highlights: Catch up quickly on what's most relevant to you; get a notification on your phone up to twice daily letting you know your Highlights are ready!
#twitter   #socialmedia  
Twitter introduced Highlights: a summary of the best Tweets delivered via rich push notification

Highlights lets you catch up quickly on the best stuff that is most relevant to you.

To create your Highlights, Twitter looks at things like the accounts and conversations that are popular among people you follow, Tweets from people you’re closely tied to, topics and events that are trending in your area or within your network, and people that are popular or trending among people you follow.

When you opt in to receiving Highlights, you will get a notification on your phone up to twice daily letting you know your Highlights are ready.

When you open the notification, you’ll go directly into the Twitter app where your Highlights will be displayed in a new interface.

View them all by swiping through from right to left. When you’ve reached the last Highlight, another swipe puts you directly into your home timeline.

Initially, Highlights will be available in English to all Android users. 

Turn it on now by going to Settings. Select your account handle; and in the mobile notifications menu, check the Highlights box. 

Twitter announcement:

#twittertips   #socialmediamarketing   #marketingnews  

More marketing news:
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