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If you are interested, we are trying to expand membership in the Collin County Libertarian Party. Here are a few places to get connected:

1. CCLP Facebook Group -

2. Our mailing list - <-- mailchimp site

3. If you are free on the evening of July 1 at 7pm, we are having a meetup and Special Convention (don't be intimidated by the word Convention) at 5th Street Pizza (inside Stacy Furniture 75/McDermott). We will be electing a new Vice Chair. Here is the MeetUp invitation -

If you can make it, that would be fantastic. Also, please let your friends who might be interested know as well. The more the merrier
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The Collin County Libertarian Party's mission is to advocate the principles of the Libertarian Party, specifically liberty, freedom and limited government, on behalf of all Collin county residents.