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《Some things you might need to put in your OC's sign up》


Nickname(s):《not a must》





HP: ??/??

ATK: ??? ¤50-600¤

DEF: ??? ¤100-2000¤

Soul: ???

Crush:《not a must》

Favorite subject:《not a must》

Friends:《not a must》

Appearance ⏬(picture)

□■hopefully you do some of these you don't have to do ALL of them. Have fun in the community, ask questions if needed■□

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Name: Papyrus W.D. Gaster (I go by the theory that Gasters their dad and so I gave him that as a last name :3)

Nicknames: The Great Papyrus, Pap, Paps, Bro, lil bro, Pappy

Gender: Male

Personality: Sweet, kind, brave, loyal, trusting, Intelligent but sometimes oblivious, optimistic, believer, creative, hard working, truthful, and awesome.

Likes: Cooking, Spaghetti, protecting, puzzles, and family

HP: 95/95

ATK: 65/65

DEF: 50/50

Soul: Determination

Crush: Undyne (Hate me if u want :3)

Favorite subject: Cooking

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Name: Sans

Nickname(s): Sans, Smiley Trash Bag, Pun-master, Gaster blaster master.

Gender: Male

Personality: Punny ;), Vengeful, Lighthearted(pacifist), Mostly downright serious(Genocide)

Likes:Grillby's food, Friends, Puns.

Dislikes: Murder(ers), Lies(Liers), Junior jumble ;)

HP: 1 (or is it? guess you'll have to find out)

ATK: 1 (or is it? guess you'll have to find out)

DEF: 1 (or is it? guess you'll have to find out)

Soul: It's a need to basis, and you don't need to know.

Crush: coughToriel cough

Favorite subject: Food, Puns, etc.

Friends: Frisk, Grillby, basically everyone in the Underground, except Asgore, and the villans (example: Chara[IT'S PRONOUNCED CHAR-AS IN CHARCOAL! CHAR-A!!!]

Appearance ⏬(picture)
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looks in folder to find pictures that have down loaded


So is it fine if I bring in diffrent au's of me every now and than

Jane/Gendertale Jamir:*Drinks coffee to stay awake**SPITS OUT*WHY DID GASTER GIVE THIS JUNK TO ME!I need CANDY

So wait...I'm a dude so I have to be a girl? Sure I guess.

GEndertale OC:NAME:Jane Robinson Likes:All good things Dislikes:all bad things Gender:Female Origanal OC/Undertale OC:Name:Jamir Robinson

My Gendertale OC:Name:Jane Gender:Female Likes:ALL GOOD THINGS Hates:ALL BAD THINGS
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