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The amazing magical girls/boy
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A new year has fallen upon us.
14 magical girls did not make it through to the ending.
So, who's ready for season 2?
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"Even then, I still dream."

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I made some Shitpost
We are Number one but one is replaced with Tch as they said it again, it becoming longer. And Robbie Rotten are JJBA villains

Damn I kinda feel like reading the light novel now after the last episode

(Spoilers) Well Everyone, Today's The Final Episode Of The Anime Is Here, All I Have To Say Is, It Ended In A Good Way, 2nd Season Needed Because We Need The Characters From The Light Novels, Will Everything Continue In 2017? Stay Tuned

You'll hate me for this.

What did Swim say to Winterprison?
Looks like you need a hand.
What did Nana say to Winterprison?
Don't leave me hanging!
Hey, did you hear about Calamity Mary's night out?
It was really lit.
Yo, why did Ruler bump her head?
She held her chin too high.
What does the top Magical Girl get to enjoy?
A sweet victory.
How many Tamas make up one whole Cranberry?
Snow White asks La Pucelle if she'll ever see her again.
"In your dreams." <that was brutal.

And here's my favorite. [SPOILER]

What happened when Swim went to meet up with Ripple?

So I'm sure everyone loved that eleventh episode.
Can I just say:
To kill, one must be ready to be killed.
And then there's Top Speed.
From there, the storyline just flew.
Whoever made this series was truly a master sadist.
I curse reality.

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I love for magical girl raising project to get a dub I would actually see it

Episode 11 of 12 comes out today.
Excited, anyone?
maybe Swim finally gets what she deserves
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