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1: Profiles are required if you want to RP here. I will be making a template in another post.
2: No spam! That includes 'Repost or die' sorta thing. Unless you only +1 or comment or something, thats fine as long as there are not multiple posts, because thats just annoying.
3: Make sure you credit the artist of the art isn't yours!
4: Try to use good grammer. Not wamting to be a grammer nazi or anything, but if it's just a little mispell or something, I can understand. But if it's just spamming with weird spelling that even I don't know about, then we have a problem.
6: Ships are fine. But no hating on it. Ex. Frans, Soriel, Foncest, ect.
7: No gory stuff. It can be bloody, but don't go too far...
8: Respect other's opinions on the posts. But a lot of people know the difference between hating and opinions. Example of opinions: I think Sans is the weakest character because of his health and attack rate. (Not being serious) Example of hating: GO KYS, SANS IS A WEAK ASS LITTLE B^^^^^, DRINK BLEACH YOU LITTLE C^^^!1!! Big difference between the two.
9: Have fun and Invite your friends!
And...I believe thats just about it...
(Fan art of me as leader of Team Snowdin. Art belongs to me.)

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Wow this community is dead

J-just a little advice, um... I-I think you should probably make the community "ask to join" to help avoid trolling... I-I mean, you don't have to, b-but its just a suggestion...

Does anyone want to roleplay?

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That's SO cute!o((^▽^))o

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UPDATE! (also don't be to surprised if I kill Pearl the come up with some BS logic to bring her back)


You don't know me.... What I've seen! what has happened to me!

You could say I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing

[Name]: Pearl

[Age]: 12

[Gender]: Female

[Species]: Human

[Soul color]: After the accident, Her soul is now silver but it was Red

[Body]: slender but fairly strong

[Appearance]: curly brown hair ,most of the time is in a braid or in a ponytail. Her left eye is brown but her right eye is silver it changes when she's feeling a strong emotion.
Clothes: she wears a black sweatshirt ,the hood has fur in it and its super soft,she also Navy blue jeans and purple sneakers. She also has a Gold heart locket. Or She wears a Purple and Green sweater that has no hood.

[Likes]: Sparing people, monsters, reading, magic

[Dislikes]: Genocide ,her stepfather

[Personality]: Very happy ,energetic but is very depressed and has emotional issues

Family from the surface
Father: James decease
Mother: Jessica
Stepfather: Mark

[Crush]: (open)

[Best Friend(s)]: all monsters and her German Shepherd, Pancake

[Abilities]: Can use magic and is light on her feet, can dodge nearly anything. Has the power to save and rest

[Bio]: Pearl grew up in the country with her mom ,Jessica ,and dad ,James. One day James went for a drive and died in a car crash. Jessica started to drink a lot, she would go out to the bar at night and wouldn't be back till 10. Then after a couple of hellish years later Jessica met Mark ,Pearl's future step dad. Mark was nice around Jessica but when she was gone he would experiment on Pearl. It's probably because Pearl can use magic, one day there was and "accident" ,some chemicals or something got into her right eye. Pearl depressed and broken she went to mt. Ebbot with the thought if the fall doesn't kill then the monsters will._


[Name]: Pancake

[Age]: dog years: 10
Human years: 2

[Gender]: male

[Species]: German Shepherd but is a Guardian

[Appearance]: he wears a red bandana and his right ear is a little floppy. His fur is black and his eyes are golden

[Likes]: Pearl, and most people especially people who pet him

[Dislikes]: People who hurt Pearl

[Personality]: very protective and fiercely loyal but is playful

[Best Friend]: Pearl

[Abilities]: his jaws are super powerful and can jump very far. He also has Magic that he uses when Pearl isn't there and he can be "Stored" in Pearl locket but only his soul is in it ,His body also disappears

[Theme Song]: doggolovania
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Brotherly love😍😜
Sans! Get off Papyrus's legs!
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