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How to Avoid Shady Online Business Gurus and Find Trustworthy Mentors

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Just a little over 30mins till we kick off the next SMYBE Show. See you there...
Join us on the Show Me Your Back End Show to hear Harland Ross, President of eBridge Marketing Solutions demystify Social Media Marketing.

Here are just a few of the points Hartland will be covering to help you understand more about this phenomenal growth area online:

  > Why put time towards social media? The implications for search and   beyond
  > How has search changed?
  > Advertising on social networks vs Posting on social networks
  > Is there an ROI on social, and how do you measure it?
  > What are the best practices for social media?

Watch the Hangout at our new time (and day) of 3PM CDT Wednesday August 7, 2013. (PS: Double check your time zones. Some people have reported problems with Googles time conversions).

Join Steve Rosenbaum, Jamie Houston and several other local marketing experts as they share their favorite method for helping businesses find new sales and increase their profit.

Add us to your Circles and catch up on all the latest SMYBE news at

Note: We update the link to point to the Hangout On Air once the Broadcast is Live.  Click on this link to take you there.  (You may have to clear your cache or open a different browser if the link takes you to the wrong place).

This is Show Me Your Back End Show Episode 16

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Thanks Shane for inviting me to join you in this small biz community.  I really enjoy your hangouts as I feel like a sponge  needing to "soak up" all your info goodness to help me do better and propel my business forward.  This is the future and it's here now! Thanks to you and Steve for putting this together for us.

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Just finished our Hangout with Joel Comm!  Definitely a Top 13 Show!  Small Business Webinar Training - Show Me Your Back End Show

Thanks for the invite, +Zane Miller 
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