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This is the update section. Check here for any updates to this community. (PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE OR YOU WILL BE BANNED)

🔵Minor rules (warning)🔵
1. Keep swearing to the smallest.
2. Make a profile before you join
3. Don't make off-topic posts.
⚪️Listen to rules (told to the me or a moderator)⚪️
1. Don't be a godmodder.
2. Don't spam posts.
🔴Important rules (banned for a certain amount of time)🔴
1. Don't post in the Rules/Announcements/Updates section if you're not moderator.
2. Don't insult a moderator/me
3. Don't make any half-demon X junk. Keep it to yourself, and go to another community if you want to RP your "character".
⚫️VERY IMPORTANT RULES (Banned forever)⚫️
1. DON'T MAKE A RECOLOR! Recolors are effortless pieces of work, stealing art and claiming it's your own character. Don't. Do. It.
2. DO NOT HACK! I think you know what I mean!

This is the announcements section. Moderators and me will make special announcements for events. (AGAIN, DO NOT POST HERE OR YOU WILL BE BANNED)

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this is the thing that gets me... (OH YE MESTUR KREBS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) this is what I see when it comes to Oc's, instantly coloring it off then (MESTUR KREBS) claiming it as another, it's fine at first, but (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ) don't make too many recolors or it begins...(dun worry it's a warning at first.)
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