I would like to see a film version of The Great Divorce in the style of imaginarium of doctor parnassus. With a Scottish actor like Gerard Butler playing George MacDonald.

I am reading His series "The Parish Papers."  It is homey and winsome.   I think this series might include some of his own personal experiences disguised.  He was a minister at one time. 

How is everyone doing? 

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George said something I recall in one of his books about seeing God in the face of a flower....

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Hello everyone (: I just started reading MacDonald not long ago. I started with at the back of the north wind, and now I'm reading his unspoken sermons alongside the princess and the goblin. I do love what I have read of his, I'm glad I discovered that you all do as well (:

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Just finished Life Essential The Hope of the Gospel.  A very good G. M. read edited by Rolland Hein.  A quote: "He came to deliver us from--not the things we have done but the possibility of doing such things any more."

I'm reading, "Knowing The Heart of God" by G.M. and edited by Michael R. Phillips.  It combines his sermons and writings and it has been very helpful to me lately.  If you want to know God's heart and obey Him you will love this book!  It also contains a lot of George's poetry.  I like these lines from a poem called Obedience:  "Trust him when the earth doth quake; Trust him when thy heart doth ache...."

Has anyone read George MacDonald's Unspoken Sermon Series?  It is a very difficult but inspiring read.  Every time I go back to it I learn something new.  He emphasizes Christ representing His Father often and his love for The Father is contagious!
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