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MSIT Education

Discussion  - 
1.0 – Overview

This policy is regarding the implementation of decorum carried out by the users who so ever 

wishes to interact with official accounts of MSIT (applicable for all four (4) learning centers ).

2.0 – Purpose

The purpose of the user policy is to usher sanctity and dignity of all the individuals participating in 

and out of the social community, and uphold respect and integrity at all times.

3.0 – Scope

This policy is extended to all the users who are connected to the organization’s social networking 


4.0 – Policy

The user policy requires the users to uphold mutual respect to one another and administrators of 

the social networking channels who represent the esteemed organization.

Users are free to interact and pose any sort of relevant questions or concerns in a polite fashion. 

5.0 – Standards 

1. It is required for the users to introduce themselves and post a query.

2. The language used must be polite as deemed fit.

3. Use of only English ( the official Business language ) is mandatory.

4. The user must uphold respect for others and abstain from any derogatory remarks about the 

organization as well as any individual. 

5.Users cannot post / comment irrelevant material.

6. The query needs to be specific and the user needs to maintain patience for relevant reply ( 

which requires time since this will involve expert intervention and other intricate details that have 

to be fetched).

6.0 – Guidelines

1. In case the user is interested in pursuing the MSIT course, he/she must furnish the relevant 

details like Educational qualification, the reason for pursuing Masters in IT etc.

2. Users cannot post jokes, personal outbursts, statements driven by emotion etc .

3. The user must uphold respect for others and abstain from any derogatory remarks about the 

organization as well as any individual.

4.Users cannot post / comment irrelevant material.

7.0 – Enforcement

This section contains enforcing the policies; that is needed for ensuring observance of or 

obedience to policies.

In case of any derogatory / irrelevant/ immaterial material posted/ commented by any user/s ( 

which is against the sanctity of the organization ) , the post / comment would be instantly deleted 

by authorized personnel.
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Narayana Rao

Discussion  - 
Online Marketing - Introduction by Kotler - Marketing Book

Electronic Commerce - Summary of Stair and Reynolds Book Chapter - MIS Book
As they are related, they need to be read together.
Internet started in 1969. By 2006 there were more than one billion users worldwide. In January 2011, two billion internet users were recorded. The mobile users number has reached 5 billion. ...
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MSIT Education

Discussion  - 
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MSIT Education

Discussion  - 

About this community

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) is a Postgraduate program offered by a consortium of universities in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon. For detailed information , please log onto the below mentioned sites.

Narayana Rao

Discussion  - 
New idea in Management - Resourcing - A Function of Management
What is your view on this?
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MSIT Education

Discussion  - 
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